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Dancing with the Devil as You Channel in the Light by David Ashworth

Dancing with the Devil as You Channel in the Light by David Ashworth

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Originally published in 2000, this has become a great standard work amongst Reiki Masters and other healing teachers for their students.

'Dancing with the Devil as you Channel in the Light' deals with many aspects of energy work, especially those aspects that many try to shy away from, but in the end reveals that their is nothing to be afraid of except your own fears. It is described as a Survival Manual for Healers and Therapists and sells as strongly today as when it first came out, the content being very relevant for all those walking the healing and spiritual path. It is a book which answers so many questions for those on the path.

“This is one of the very few books which has tackled the sensitive, and in the main, hidden side of healing work; a side every practitioner needs to know about.
A long-overdue appraisal of the potential problems encountered in healing, it is one of those quintessential books which provides insight, explanations, examples and solutions.”
Ivan Fraser, The Truth Campaign

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