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The Keys of Transformation: Book One - Birth of a New Light David Ashworth

The Keys of Transformation - Book One - Birth of a New Light

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The Keys of Transformation records an extraordinary personal journey of transformation and at the same time provides a template for all our transformations.

The basic message which David brings is deceptively simple: the time to change is NOW. The Age of Aquarian Light is here, pulling more and more people into its flow of healing and evolution and beginning a world-wide process of awakening and illumination for all those able to open to it.

But the wave of energy that brings the light is travelling faster and faster. Every second we hesitate makes it harder to reach the speed needed to ride the wave. If we hesitate, it will be too late. The Guides who speak through David are very clear about this.

The invitation is clear: are we willing to activate the God-consciousness within us, to become co-creators with God of His universe? The journey is immense and we cannot hope to see where it leads, but if we have trust, we can begin it.

Only you can decide. The Keys of Transformation will help you make your choice.

"Hi Dave, just to let you know that I am so amazed and inspired by the Keys. Thank you for bringing it forward to help us all evolve.
Many blessings",
Lynne, New York

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