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Ocean of Emotion - Unlocking a pathway of permanent evolution - David Ashworth

Ocean of Emotion by David Ashworth

Paperback. Price £7.00 plus p&p

UK Customers (£8.60 incl. p&p)

European Customers (£9.00 incl. p&p)

European Customers (£9.00 incl. p&p)


The human Subtle Energy System, consisting of the Aura and the Chakras, Emotions and Consciousness is like a deep ocean and in order to begin to stimulate the Evolution of Human Consciousness we need to learn how to understand, navigate and penetrate this ocean.

The absolute Key to bring about evolution of consciousness is the ability to enter the depths of the heart and the depths of the heart lie in the deepest part of our Ocean of Emotion.

In this book, David’s genius for clarity and simplicity shines through, enabling all those with a desire for true spiritual evolution to empower themselves through this simple, but profound knowledge, of how to access our deeper selves.

“Try to remember that God didn’t make the journey difficult. Why would He? It is ourselves who make the journey difficult and complex, when the truth is always very simple and very obvious, we just try to avoid seeing it.” David Ashworth

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