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The Yellow Kite by David Ashworth. Illustrated by Gabriel Evans.

The Yellow Kite by David Ashworth

Paperback. Price 7.99 plus p&p

UK Customers (£11.24 incl P&P)
EU Customers (£11.49 incl P&P)
USA/Rest of World(£13.49 incl P&P)

Given to David in a flash of insight, this book empowers children to understand and move beyond emotional pain, whilst teaching adults how they inadvertently and often unknowingly cause emotional suffering to children.

Nick and Danny meet at the seaside and a wonderful experience unfolds as Nick shows Danny how he can find the truth of everything in his own heart and how grown ups don’t really know as much as they think they do.

The Yellow Kite is a fabulous story complemented by illustrations from the gifted artist Gabriel Evans from Australia. If this book doesn’t touch you, then nothing will.

For children of all ages, especially grown ups, as they need it more than children.

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