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Aura and Chakra Damage

Oh yes, I’ve heard it many times… “You can’t have a damaged aura”. Well, believe me, you can and anyone who says that you can’t is either in denial or cannot see deep enough to perceive it.

The Aura is our defence mechanism and life support structure. Just like a diver needs an aqualung to function in the underwater environment, we need a powerful aura to function within the earth realm. Quite simply, we can’t function without it.


There are many levels of protection which are available to humans, but they all depend your level of vibration. The higher the vibration, the more power in the aura and the stronger the protection. However, not that many people have an extremely high vibration at this time in human evolution, but times are changing and I have written about this in my book, The Keys of Transformation - Book One; Birth of a New Light.

Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer aura damage, then you will know it without doubt. I suffered this very same thing, many years ago, before I knew anything about energy and healing. The result was that I lost five years of my life in a state of permanent anxiety and abject terror. If I knew then what I know now, I could have fixed it in a couple of days.

Major aura or chakra damage is very serious and can bring about very difficult situations for people to live with. The first sign of aura damage is often panic attacks. This is caused through the very high frequencies of electro-magnetic energy which surrounds us in the universe. We are not capable of processing such high energy. That is why we have an aura to protect us. If there is any breakdown in the fabric of the aura, then this high energy can get in and if it does, it immediately triggers the central nervous system, inappropriately.

It is the same effect as being struck by lightening, but at a lesser level. Or, imagine continually having an electric shock and not being able to stop the source. We know how powerful electricity is and how it functions in our bodies. That is why it is used to start a heart that has failed. Clear and pure electrical signals are paramount to our successful functioning as a human being. If high frequency electro-magnetic energy can access your central nervous system, it doesn’t so much damage it, but triggers it in a way which makes it think that something is wrong, and, of course, it is. As the energy surges in through the damaged aura, it touches the central nervous system which then sends a message to the brain which results in a panic attack. It is a very frightening process.


The result of the panic attacks is then to create anxiety and so, your life becomes a procession of panic attack and anxiety, with the ongoing inner knowing that something is wrong, but nobody can tell you what it is.


Once the aura is repaired, you can actually find that the panic attacks continue. This is a process which is like a ‘learned response’. Because the level of anxiety and fear can be so great, the mind/brain continues telling the rest of the organism that something is wrong an continues to trigger the panic attacks. So, rather than the external electro-magnetic source triggering the panic attack, we now have a learned response doing the same. However, once we know that the repair is complete, by viewing it in higher vision, we can then work on methods of erasing this erroneous playback from the ‘fear programme’ which your being has developed and then adopted during this damaged aura state.


There are many levels at which chakras can be blocked. Damage to chakras is rare, unless a person has had a major traumatic emotional event, in which case there can be dramatic energy releases from the emotional body, within the aura, and this energy tries to find its way out of the system any way it can to reduce the pressure. Sometimes, chakras become the accidental victim of this kind of energy release.

Again, if this happens, you will absolutely know it at some level. You just know that something is wrong, but, without a refined knowledge of energy systems, it can be almost impossible to work out what.

Aura damage is more common that chakra damage, but both can be repaired very successfully and quickly by those who have a high level of skill and ability with energy and light. The transformation in the quality of life can be immediate and dramatic when these problems are diagnosed correctly and repaired.

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