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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.


Dave Ashworth was an ordinary family man, married with two children, working hard at his daily businesses of running a typesetting and artwork studio and an organic hair product company. With an abject fear of anything psychic, he always steered himself well clear of anything that smacked of the mysterious or ‘the other worlds’. That is, until he underwent a healing awakening in the late 1980s/early 90s, when he was thrust, very much against his will, into these very worlds.

It probably began gently and un-noticeably, but soon, enormous amounts of energy began to generate within him and expel itself through his body. The process was extremely painful difficult on all levels, particularly mentally and emotionally. At times, it felt like he might burst into flames as whatever was unfolding drove through him mercilessly. Dave even describes it as ‘a kind of breakdown.’ A breakdown of everything within, which no longer served some new purpose in life which was unfolding, but which he did not yet comprehend.

Over a period of three years his whole life was turned inside out and upside down from within. He was transformed, as the powers from above broke down his personality and emotions, taking him through a baptism of fire to be re-born with the makings, firstly of his healing gifts, and later his evolutionary gifts. During this period, and a little beyond, he was to lose his businesses, his home and his marriage, as the fire, unrelenting, prepared him for a new life. A life without attachment. Today, he has nothing but what the universe provides on a daily basis.

As he unfolded and struggled to make sense of his transformation, he worked with many healers, dowsers and light workers in different modalities of complimentary medicine and traditional spiritual healing. His hands, and in fact, his whole being, became vibrant healing tools as the light poured from him. At the same time, a powerful ability to see energies within the earth developed. This began his career with Geopathic Stress Investigation and later Geomancy, which he still practices today.

During the 1990s, after healing for some time, he worked his way to master/teacher of Reiki, Karuna,  Seichem, Magnified Healing and the first level of Pranic Healing in the school of Master Choa Kok Sui. These helped open the doors to other vibrations and raise his intuition. Working for many years with Health Kinesiologists, he was told many times by his teachers that his own pathway and methods of healing would develop into something completely original and individual, which they did. It was pointed out to him, that all his early work with the healing rays was about gathering the tools to unlock himself.

Also, early in his healing career, a reader told him that he would receive important insights as his vibration was approaching that of a true master. Dave did not understand what this meant at the time, as he was still very much a novice. The reader told him that he should write everything down as what would be given to him would be very important for the evolution of others and they would be drawn to his words, like moths seeking the light, and indeed these words would help them to unlock their own inner worlds. He took notice, and has been writing ever since. By 2007 Dave had written three books with a number of others sketched out

Television and Radio

Dave has made one television programme for the Channel 5 series Hot Property, two programmes from the very successful House Busters series on Channel 5 and has featured three times on Granada TV programmes about crystal healing, spirits and ghosts, and spirit energies in houses.

He has given countless talks to small groups, conducted large workshops at the major Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibitions, and conducted workshops for other leading healers and teachers. He has presented a lecture for the British Society of Dowsers and been a key-note speaker at a number of annual congresses of healing organisations. He has also been interviewed for magazines and radio.

He lectured for two seasons at the University of Salford on Metaphysical subjects such as Geopathic Stress, Crystals and Psychic Protection to the students of the BSc Complimentary Therapies Course.

Naturally humble about his gifts and a very down to earth person, Dave never ceases to be amazed at his ability and achievements, to the constant amusement of his partner, Denise, who says to him, “but, you know you’re connected”. Dave’s evolution is unceasing as his work ever unfolds in new and different directions.


The universe has unfolded within Dave extremely rare and powerful gifts. With a gift to see into very deep consciousness, Dave continues to share what he knows with others, whilst giving gratitude every day for his wonderful life and ability to uplift others.

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