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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.


How are your Nerves?

Dave is a very ordinary, down to earth person. We know that sometimes people feel nervous when making an appointment for the first time. We know that it can be nerve wracking preparing for your consultation.

David also has a good sense of humour, finding it almost impossible not to laugh at the ironic situations we find ourselves in as we try to navigate our way through the maze of life and the trials and tribulations that the universe offers us by way of learning processes. He has a great deal of experience and he has seen many and varied complex scenarios. He is a master of unravelling life situations with a simplicity that you will find both illuminating and relaxing. Don’t worry and be calm. David is not going to scare you. It will be just like talking with a friend.

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Working with Dave

When you work with Dave, The Guides of The Emerald Heart and The Wheel of Light are looking at you, through him, in terms of your Spiritual Evolution. It doesn’t matter what you might be enquiring about or presenting with. The prime function of this Higher Guidance is to help you attain a higher level of evolution through entering onto the path of True Spiritual Evolution. Through the processes Dave uses, you will begin to move beyond your limitations and discomfort with a clear understanding of why you were in that place.

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The Process

The process of working with Dave is a Two Step Process and is all done at a distance.

  1. We establish an understanding of what is happening to you and why
  2. You choose if you wish to do some work on the findings.
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The First Step

In the first step we speak in a Telephone Consultation where Dave can ‘view’ your deeper self in order to locate the source of your difficulty.

  • As conversation commences between you and Dave, his Guidance will present questions to him that he will ask you. As you answer these questions, your consciousness opens in a certain way which allows Dave to see beneath the words of your answer and into the conscious us patterns below.
  • Through questions and answers, Dave eliminates whatever we don’t need to investigate at this particular time.
  • As the consultation unfolds, Dave goes ever deeper until the Guidance begins to take over and speak through him. It will still sound like him speaking, but the information will now be coming from a completely different place than within Dave.
  • The consultation moves on at this point and Dave begins to ‘view’ your energy system, namely your aura and chakras, and then moves deeper to investigate your Heaven, Earth and Soul Links, and finally, into the deeper consciousness. At each level, we are looking for problems or issues and eliminating what we don’t need to see or work with tat this time. There is always an order of priority presented by your consciousness, and we are only ever looking for that first step.

If nothing presents itself in the energy system or The Links, then finally we begin to identify whatever the issue might be within your conscious or sub-conscious reality, or the barrier which is preventing you moving on to a higher level of perception and evolution.

Once we have all the answers we need, Dave’s Guidance will let him know.

When we have the answers we are looking for, then Dave can give you guidance on how to proceed to overcome the difficulty or limitation. This might be guidance on how you can work with this problem yourself, or you may choose to work with a Program.

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The Second Step

If you choose to do some work, then Dave, with the help of his Guidance, prepares a Program for you. Now see <PROGRAMS>.

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