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Distant Clearance

This technique can be useful in many situation to bring immediate relief to a difficult situation whilst deeper investigation is considered.

Distant Clearance requires the ability to link your mind across time and space to be able to Remote View a situation and identify what might be going on. Once you have drawn conclusions and discovered all the pieces of the puzzle, then it is possible to begin to clear the offending energies. Remote Viewing can be accomplished in a telephone consultation directly with the person, or completely remotely by working with a pad and pen and drawing out the conclusions as your mind begins to reveal the protagonists in the drama.

Distant Clearance is particularly useful in Psychic Attack cases and also cases of psychic and spirit activity within a home environment. Many things are possible at a distance. However, there can be limits to what is achievable by the amount of energy which can be focussed on a situation at any one time. Energy needs to be supported and grounded by the source and the source of the energetic action is the practitioner. Therefore, when learning this process, there is always a limit to what you can send to a situation. Therefore, you sometimes have to break the situation down into workable chunks and unravel the situation one step at a time.

As you work in stages, what might at first seem like a huge and impossible job can often begin to reduce in intensity very quickly. What you need more than anything to accomplish work at this level, is confidence in your guidance and ability and then take things slowly and methodically. As you reveal each level of the puzzle, your client should be able to notice the changes and that is how you evaluate your work.

Manifestation of Light

As you begin to evolve to a higher level, you can then begin to ‘manifest’ energy or light on site, rather than merely instructing it to go there and work. Manifestation requires a very high degree of grounding from the practitioner and only comes as a result of much spiritual evolution work on yourself.


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