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Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress is a complex subject. Herewith is a brief introduction to understanding some of the principles. Essentially, there are three main areas.

Electro-magnetic Radiation
Psychic Energies
Earth Radiation

We are Electro-magnetic Beings

We live on a planet with a magnetic iron core, with magnetic poles. Electro-magnetic energies emanate from it’s surface and electric storms permeate the gaseous atmosphere above the surface. Also, we bathe in a sea of electro-magnetic vibrational frequencies from the electro-magnetic spectrum of solar and cosmic radiations.

Every thought we have is generated by electrical impulse in the brain. Every movement we make is driven by electrical impulse signals via our nerves and into our muscles.; We are electro-magnetic beings!

Geopathic Stress is a term describing illness caused by energies in our environment, be they natural energies or man made. Sick Building Syndrome is another term which you may have heard which describes problems of ill health as a direct result of inhabiting certain buildings with noxious are harmful energy. The onset of illness caused by a radiating energy source can take many forms depending on one’s individual weaknesses. Energies in the environment give off radiations, as, indeed, everything does which is made up of atoms. And, of course, everything in the physical universe is made up of atoms.

These subtle radiations or vibrations slowly impinge on our biological-system and break down the resistance of our immune system, by constantly giving it too much work to do. Imagine sitting under an x-ray machine for several hours a day. It wouldn‘t take long to begin to suffer illness. As the immune system begins to fail to rectify the damage done by subtle radiations of this invisible from of attack, the weakest point in our body usually begins to fail first, closely followed by other systems. It can start out by just feeling regularly under the weather or tired all the time, to the build-up of stress, headaches, loss of direction, emotional and mental problems to more serious illnesses and even death. The death certificate might say something like, ‘Renal Failure’. What it will not say, is what led to the condition.

The subtle energies which can cause us mental, emotional or physical distress fall into three main categories.

  • Electro-magnetic Radiation,
  • Psychic Energies
  • Earth Radiation.

Man-made Electro-magnetic Radiation:

This is the source of danger which most people know a little about, as there has been heightened attention in the press and on television in recent years. However, this is amongst the easiest form of radiation to detect and deal with, because we can use instruments to measure it. Here, we are talking about the radiation given off by the house wiring and household appliances such as television sets, computers, hairdryers, electric blankets, dimmer switches, lamps which work via transformers, etc.

Psychic Energies:

Psychic energy is what people feel when they walk into a house and can tell whether it is a happy or sad place. Whether it feels frightening or generally so bad you just want to get out of there. Women are better at this than men, due to the right hemisphere of their brain being more dominant, providing them with a higher intuition. What your intuition picks up, are the energies of people who have patterned the place in the past, and those energies have then become ‘recorded‘ in the fabric of the building. This type of energy has emotional content, this is why we can pick it up, because essentially we are emotional beings. When living in a house which carries other peoples’ energy in the fabric of the building, we absorb that energy. It is like wearing other peoples’ clothes. You will feel uncomfortable in that space, not to mention picking up vibrations which you do not want in your own system. You should never move into a ‘used house’ without having it cleansed properly of the vibrations of the former keepers. These are what we would describe as Passive Psychic Energies.

Accumulation of Emotional Energy

For example, you often find similar patterns affecting different people who have lived in the same house. Divorce is a good example. The energies of a house might be disharmonious, for example, as the result of the accumulation emotional energy from the original occupants. New people move in and the energetic pattern of the house then leads to the new couple arguing, and over time, the relationship begins to break down and becomes disharmonious. Their disagreeable behaviour and ‘emotional energy’ is then ‘radiated’ into their home environment, layering itself on top of the disharmonious energy which was already there. Eventually, they separate and move out, leaving this wonderful cocktail of disharmonious energy in place to bathe the next, unsuspecting couple to move in.

The second aspect of psychic energies are Active Psychic Energies, such as entities and spirits. These have a life force all of their own, just as we do. They need food to survive and the food they seek is your electro-magnetic energy. They get it from feeding from your aura or chakras, usually while you sleep. This is called psychic attack. The effects can be traumatic. Some spirits need so much energy that they will feed from you night after night. The result is that you will wake in the morning feeling as if you haven’t had a wink of sleep. Sometimes feeling more tired than when you went to bed. This is often accompanied by a very sharp headache or aching in the back of the neck. If the situation is allowed to continue, aura damage can occur. This can eventually lead to severe panic attacks and mental and emotional problems. A person can go into serious decline very quickly from this source of psychic energy.

Active energies such as spirits and entities often congregate in a home which has a very low vibrational resonance. For example, well balanced, creative, energetic and fit people, eating a; good diet and with professional, challenging lives tend to have a high vibration. People who eat a low nutritional diet, smoke and drink and frequent places where a lot of alcohol is consumed risk ‘picking up’ harmful entities which then feed from you and drive your vibration even lower. Therefore, when purchasing a home, it is well to consider as much information as possible about the lives of the previous occupants. You could be jumping into an environmental energetic disaster area without even suspecting it. Use your intuition. If it feels good, go with it. If it feels bad, walk away, but don’t try to justify the bad feelings to yourself, thinking that it won’t matter. It will.

Earth Radiations:

This is a massive area to cover and we don’t have the space here, but briefly, Earth Radiations are many and varied forms of high frequency radiation, rising and; emitting through the earth’s surface. The source of the radiation is usually from deep within the Earth. The knowledge of this type of energy goes back thousands of years. The development of Shamanic work and Feng Shui came originally from those with the ability to see and read these energies, who then developed the ability to communicate with the consciousness within the landscape in order to harmonise the imbalance at the surface of the Earth within the living space of the environments we occupy.

Earth radiations are amongst the most harmful of all energies. In a concentration these waves of energy can kill a human being within a few short years of moving into a house which is plagued by them. This type of ‘sick house’ nearly always has a pattern of previous owners who will all have a history of serious health problems.

When buying a house, if you don’t have a Geopathic Stress Survey before signing the papers, find out as much as you can about the health of the former occupants. This is not always a guarantee of a ‘safe house’, but it can give you some guidance.


All the forms of energy we have briefly looked at have one thing in common. They are all forms of electro-magnetic energy and as such have the ability to seriously interfere with the finely balanced functions of our own electro-magnetic bio-system, frequently causing ill health, emotional imbalance, mental instability, immune system malfunction, endocrine system failure and many other manifestations.

In any individual household, there will be a number of energies in the background. Sometimes these are relatively harmless, but more often than not they are impinging on your health in some way. There is usually a combination of different energy factors which can affect the residents in numerous, debilitating ways. Each individual may suffer different symptoms as a result of the same energy within the same household. This is due to us all being different, all having different strengths and weaknesses.

How Can I Tell if there are Harmful Energies in My Home?

Many complimentary health; practitioners today have equipment such as the Vega machine, the Avatar and others which can test for allergies and intolerances, and now also the presence of Geopathic Stress in your body. A good Kinesiologist will be able to tell you also and of course the people who have been able to detect this type of problem for thousands of years are dowsers. It’s either in your blood or it isn’t. Your local dowsing group should be able to put you in touch with someone who works with these energies.

If something is not right with your energy levels, your general health and well-being, your relationship or the way your life is going, Geopathic Stress should not be discounted. The energies in your home or workplace may not be the total cause of your problems, but they may be a major contributory factor. One thing is for certain, don’t underestimate what you can’t see or don’t understand. Get some professional help.

What Can be Done?

The answer to this is, usually something, if you find the right person to help you. However, the investigation of these energies is a complex job. Many people think that with a little knowledge and application, energies can be changed or negated. Not so! It takes a great deal of skill and experience to be able to do this work properly.

What many people forget is that lives can depend upon the Geopathic Stress practitioner knowing what they are doing. Geopathic Stress Investigation should not be confused with Feng Shui. Although Feng Shui principles have been developed over many thousands of years from the Masters who had the ability to see and read the energies in the landscape, it has become watered down to some degree. Many Feng Shui practitioners, although doing a sterling job at a certain level, do not have the necessary abilities to tackle serious Geopathic Stress work. Being able to see and read the energies does not necessarily denote an ability to be able to correct o neutralise these energies.

Essentially your chosen practitioner should be able to communicate at a nature spirit level to do this work effectively. It is all about depth of consciousness. Not what you know, but where you can put your consciousness, where you can communicate and where you can find answers.

Picture of a Dowser. Scan from book. The old picture.

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