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In the rapidly changing vibrations in our Earth Realm, as we cruise into this Ascension period as outlined by The Mayan Calendar, many people are being opened up and connected at higher levels of consciousness. This is leading ever increasing numbers of people into healing or light work of one sort or another.

Healing work takes many different forms depending upon the talents and abilities of each particular individual. Some will work with people, others with animals and some with the planet. To this we could add that there is no right way and no wrong way to bring about healing. There are just many individual ways in which a healer or therapist can interact with the deeper levels within another person or being and facilitate change.

Who was it said, “there are as many ways to God as there are people on the Earth?” I can't remember. But the same applies to healing work. Some people will resonate with the Earth realm or the nature spirits, angels, etc., others with animals or fellow humans. There are many frequencies of light available to us and we will all open in our individual ways to receive that light. Just as we can receive different radio or television signals which bring us different programmes, so it is that people are open to receive differing frequencies of spiritual light. That light illuminates each person in an individual way, allowing them to develop their own unique gifts and talents to help uplift others.

In the case of Reiki, then many people are bringing in the same frequency, the Reiki frequency. In the beginning this will open them on a similar level, but as one works with the energy, your Inner Being will begin to open further and attune to other frequencies of light which you will be able to work with naturally.

These will be your individual 'Special Gifts', or another way of looking at it is that this is the amplification of your natural gifts and talents, a harvesting of the seeds which were sown at your decision to incarnate. The trick is, being able to see what is happening when it starts, and being open enough to receive and develop it.

Information Pages

In these Information Pages, I am sharing with you some of my own journey as my individual gifts and talents have unfolded over the years. Most of the skills you will read about have become honed and I still use them today in one form or another, such as remote viewing. Some have been superseded by new knowledge and gifts which have emerged as a result of heightened perception and continued evolution. Therefore, these pages are here as a guide to some of the methods I have used in the past, but they are not necessarily the way I work today.


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