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2002: Interview with Dave Ashworth

Please note that this Interview is for interest only. The work illustrated here is the way Dave used to work and gives you an idea of the pathway he has walked, whilst serving his apprenticeship with energy and light.

Dave Ashworth has been practicing healing since 1992 after a life changing awakening which brought him through a tumultuous upheaval in his life, leaving him with the makings of a very special gift. Over the years, Dave has worked very hard on himself to enable his gift to manifest to its fullest potential. To date, his special talents continue to respond to his efforts to awaken them further and continually evolve into new levels of ‘seeing’ and new attitudes to repairing subtle energy systems.

Dave’s abilities seem to be quite unique and the way he has brought vibrational tools into his repertoire through spirit guidance has created his very individual style. Working with Guiding Souls for the most part, he has offered himself up to the Universal Consciousness to bring to him those people whom he can assist with the problems in their lives.

Tell us how your talents work Dave

Whether working with people, buildings, the landscape, the Devas or Nature Spirits, or the Earth Mother herself, I seem to have the ability to see into the energy structures and consciousness that manifest the life force in all beings. For instance, if working with the earth, after a period of tuning-in, I can see the energy structures which bring a certain part of the landscape to life, the underlying streams of consciousness which bring the life giving vibration to all matter. The only thing I deduce this to be is consciousness. Earth consciousness or what, I don’t know. Often this consciousness is carried within streams or currents of super-high frequency colours, outside the range of normal vision. Some might call these Ley lines, which weave and flow over and within the earth. These currents carry the creation life force energy which manifests in either a healthy or sick landscape.

What can be done when you see into a sick landscape?

Geomancy is the art and practice of landscape healing. Traditionally, a Geomancer is one who has the ability to communicate at Nature Spirit Level, or with the consciousness of the Earth Mother herself and bring about changes through co-creation via, and through one’s own being. The way I see my role is to link through and connect to the Father Heaven and use my own being as a bridge to Mother Earth. Unfortunately, the Earth is very sick and I am only one person, but I do what I can when and where I can.

Can you explain to us something of how the Earth becomes sick?

In the human body, on a physical level we have veins and arteries which carry our blood. If these become blocked, we can suffer a stroke, or even death. If we look at a higher frequency level in the human body we have pathways of nerves carrying electro-magnetic impulses which transmit information for body functions. If these become damaged we can lose the use of part of our physical functions. Moving to an even higher frequency, we have the meridians which are like energy canals. These carry subtle, life-force energy around the body and to all the major organs. Yet again, above that level we have the subtle bodies consisting of the chakras and the different levels of the aura, and these process other energies in many and complex ways. Each level of the system is communicating and interacting at many levels with the human form as a whole, allowing it to function well when the energies, or liquids flow, and causing illness or breakdown if they become blocked.

The earth is the same. You could say the water cycle, weather patterns and the passage of day and night are its physical functions and when you get into the higher frequency realms one can see into its meridians or the earth currents and flows. Moving deeper, one can see how the Nature Spirits manifest their own particular magic in facilitating life within their realms of existence and finally one can see how the energy flows become blocked and then the landscape fails to function as it should.

Certainly, on the surface you can see that the trees are still there and the grass grows, just as we can see and speak with a person with cancer. But often we can’t see the cancer, and just the same, we can’t see the sickness within the Earth, unless we are extremely sensitive to high frequency vibrations and have the ability to ‘see’.

The vital Earth currents may become blocked for many reasons, many of which I am sure I do not understand, but mankind is certainly one of the greatest contributing factors and when you can see the damage at a subtle level, it is a wonder that the earth is actually still with us as a living entity. It shows something of her resilience. However, she will not take it forever and she will rise up to rid herself of the human race, like an animal immerses itself in water to rid itself of fleas. We have already seen the beginning of the earth changes, as alluded to in The Mayan Prophecies, there is much volcanic upheaval taking place along with tsunamis, earthquakes, El Nino and climate change. It’s not all down to the motor car by any means.

Of course, the non-Sensitives amongst us have always denied the existence of the things we sensitives see and feel, such as Angels, Faeries, Earth Spirits, Ley Lines etc. Unfortunately it always seems to be the non-sensitives who hold the real power for change in the material world. I often think of the saying ‘and the meek shall inherit the earth’, and without doubt understand this to mean that when the destroyers have destroyed all they can see with their greed, then there will only be the subtle realms left within a barren landscape. Their world will be finished, but the healers and the sensitives will still be able to see the God in everything and therefore will inherit the earth. And then we can do something to bring about the spread of knowledge of earth healing because everyone will have to listen and work towards rebuilding what we have lost.

Can you tell us something of the way you bring about Earth Healing?

As I have said, Geomancy is the ability to communicate with the earth. The first level of interaction is to be able to see the problem and the second is communicating to ask how we can help the situation. My particular work probably uses my gift in a specific way. When the problem is seen and diagnosed, I link in with the Devas, or shining ones, or the Earth consciousness herself, offering myself as a channel to link with the creative forces of the universe for healing purposes. My Guides also consult in the process and when all the links are made and robust, I will be guided as to what I can do to release the toxicity or trauma from the Earth. This will often involve the use of Earth Acupuncture to vent the harmful energy. But a lot of the communication and healing can also be through some kind of mind power which I don’t understand. I am frequently totally amazed at the things that can happen just by listening to what the Earth wants and then acting on it when asked. Sometimes this is no more than being told to go to one particular spot and perform a visualisation, say a prayer or open a doorway.

In 2000,  I taught an Earth healing workshop at The Nine Ladies Stone Circle in Derbyshire, England. There were some people dwelling in the trees in the woodland below, who were protesting against the re-opening of a quarry, and a small number of them asked could they join in when they knew what we were doing. As the overcast, autumn day drew to a close and the healing work was coming to fruition, even though I knew it would take another three weeks or so to clear the extremely heavy toxicity from this place, our host called us over to the stones. The heat radiating from them was dramatic. They were like radiant heaters, you could feel the heat some two feet away. I think we were all amazed at this phenomenon and I think we all felt privileged to be given such a powerful sign of thanks for our efforts.

Leaving the site, and walking down hill and into the woodlands, the ‘tree people’ were amazed at the changes that had taken place here too. These people had lived for many months here and were indeed well tuned-in to nature. They told us that they knew the place was sick and had been praying for someone to come who could help. They excitedly pointed out how they had never seen such quality of light in the woods, and by this time it was becoming dusky. They showed us a deep cavernous pit next to a cliff and said that normally it was impossible to see into the bottom of it and that people avoided going anywhere near it for the bad feelings they got from the negative energies it gave off. Now, it was radiant with a kind of glowing golden light from the wonderful stone surrounding it and indeed the bottom was clearly visible. They said the colours in the canopy of the woods were so vibrant compared to before. Again, I was quite amazed because I knew that we had only started a process and that it would take some considerable time for the earth flows to clear the toxicity, but here we had people who were well tuned-in to their environment and could see, what to them was a dramatic difference in only a few hours. I pointed out to them how thick and tar like the energy was at the circle and how one of the Earth currents, which flowed down hill, did indeed pass through the woodlands. Clearly they had been living in a thick, dark toxic energy soup all these months. It is great to get such feedback from those who truly know their space in an energetic way. 

Who comes to see you for healing and why?

Many, many people come and for a myriad of reasons, but if I were to categorise them I would say that some come with a specific problem, others come because they are stuck or struggling to move forward in life and a great number come for no other reason than that they feel they have been guided to come, but don’t know why. The Guides soon answer that one for them. And there are those who come for Spiritual Evolution.

Others come for deep emotional problems or relationship problems. Others come for repair to a damaged energy system, the causes of which can be many, but mainly as a result of psychic attack. Many therapists and healers come to see me because of my abilities at energy system diagnosis and repair and also the ability to work at a very deep level to lift them again. Nobody gets burn-out like healers and therapists and more often than not it is the slow accumulation of heavy energies picked up from their clients.

What is your unique gift of healing Dave?

Well, I think a have a number of them. Firstly it is my ability to see into many levels of the consciousness, via the aura, the chakras, the emotional body and the mental body. With a little help I can also see people’s Guides and get basic messages from them,

For the most part, my abilities are totally switched off, until I am ready to work. My Guides, to a certain degree, seem to govern what I can see. I have deduced that this is to protect my energy. As we begin to work on a person, they will guide me to use vibrational essences. These seem to serve a number of purposes, one of them being that they open doors into the consciousness of the person. As the doorways open, I am guided to look inside and at this point I can see their being in pure energy terms. I don’t see auras surrounding a person in blazing colour for instance, but I will see the essence of the aura and how it interacts with the chakras and other levels of reality. I will see how things are blocked or damaged and how this manifests in their life, and whether the problem is pure energy or emotional or mental, or indeed a complex combination of all of these, plus maybe past lives.

Sometimes when I am going deep into a chakra, it is like going down a tall building in an elevator, passing the different floors and catching glimpses of the person’s life issues and emotional states, pictures of childhood and past lives flash by as I go, until I reach the place where The Guides are taking me. I have seen the most amazing things in chakras and I wish I could put into words and pictures the discoveries I have made, but it is impossible. The chakras are something from another world with so many abilities and connections to different levels of consciousness, which would absolutely confound anyone to categorise them properly. There is always something new to discover in the way they interrelate to each other, again on many different levels. Sometimes I have gone so deep into a person’s consciousness that I seem to come out of the bottom of a chakra. At this point, it is as if my Guides have stopped my life for a moment and enlarged my physical brain. It feels as if it is swollen and pressing tightly on the inside of my skull. What happens next is a kind of mind expansion, which I have no control over, but which seems necessary so that I can perceive what they wish to show me. At this point of reaching what might be termed the core of the chakra, if indeed it has one, I have emerged into this space to see whole Universes within a person. The vision is so vast and unbelievable that I seem to lose my left-brain faculties for some time, leaving me speechless and unable to describe what I have seen.

The picture of creation as a whole is so huge and complex that it is abundantly clear to me that with our limited human consciousness, we don’t stand a chance of ever understanding what we are really a part of, or indeed comprehending the magnificence of what is inside us. It often takes at least a day for my mind to return to what I might consider a normal state after being taken this depth within a person. I think this Universe within a person is probably what the mystics refer to as the Microcosm within the Microcosm. Can you imagine consciousness as vast as a Universe, right there inside yourself? Well, I’ve seen it and it is there.

How do you know where to look in a person to find their problems?

Quite simply, I am guided. My guides seem to view a person’s life in evolutionary terms. In fact, I am sure some of them don’t come to me for evolution but it gets thrust upon them. I feel the excitement of The Guides every time they get their hands on someone who they can really solve problems for, and then into the bargain, they get pushed forward on their evolutionary path too. The results are always amazing and to see the changes in a person is very satisfying.

Not only do they view a life in evolutionary terms, but they look at that person’s problems in priority order. This is one of the things that makes my work so powerful and so immediate. Often a person will come with a particular problem and as we begin to work, The Guides will tell me that they can forget what they came for, because we have to fix a whole bunch of other things before we can look at that particular problem. It’s like someone being towed into the garage because the car won’t start and the engineer says, “don’t bother trying to start it yet, we need to fix the gearbox and blow the tyres up, or it won’t go anyway.”

So to sum up The Guides guide me all the way. They never tell me what is wrong, the just tell me where to look. Once I have seen and understood the whole picture, I feel a great pressure lift from me as The Guides withdraw some of the loving energy they have been pouring into me in order for me to perform this task. At that point, The Guides will then often say “sit down and write”. They will then elaborate on what we are dealing with, sometimes  explaining in great detail what is wrong with the life in question, how the problems manifest within them, how it stops them moving forwards and finally what we are going to do about it as a team.

Can The Guides help repair the problem then?

Well, this would seem to be another part of my specific gift, which has taken me many years to try to work out. In fact I’m not really sure if this is what happens to this day, but it certainly has a very powerful effect, both on me and on the client. Every time I think I’ve got it sussed, the whole thing changes. Eventually one reaches a point where none of it makes sense anymore and you just have to trust.

You might say that the gift of sight shows us what the problem is, therefore I can explain it in terms we humans can understand. But as the vibrational essences make their way deeper and deeper into the person’s consciousness, I can see them begin to work in the most powerful way imaginable. I see the effect of the energy of the essence upon the part of the consciousness that is blocked, and it almost appears to be driven by a motor, the effect is so powerful.

The essences get to work and actually dissolve the energy blockage. If the blockage is quite light, it will dissolve it within a couple of hours or so. If it is heavy, it can take up to eight weeks. However, once the process has started, it continues on its own, both with the help of The Guides visiting the person, and their own energy system being activated in a way which will continue the work.

If we are dealing with damage, then the essences work to repair the damage, but with the direct intervention of The Guides. The Guides will not show me this work, but from the snippets I have picked up, it seems that they enter the body of the client and actually carry out what can only be termed physical repair to the energy system. I have seen huge holes in auras completely healed and disconnected chakras re-joined and re-commissioned so that they can function as they should.

How is it possible that Guides can do this work?

The best way I can describe what seems to happen is that in order for The Guides to actually work on a person in the physical world, they need a physical power source. If you like then, I am their power source, or battery. They use my energy as the power source. They tap into me and feed my energy into the client. When we are doing serious repair work this can be so draining that I don’t recover my energy for several days. It is very different from channelling energies such as Reiki, where you are a mere conduit and the process of energy transference doesn’t touch your own energy. Working in this way with Guides brings about dramatic changes in the client, but at a cost to my energy. This is why I rarely see more than one client per day. If my energy is really good and balanced I can see two people a day, but if one of those sessions turns out to be a heavy psychic attack case, it can knock me flat for days.

Can you do this work at a distance?

Some things I can do successfully at a distance and others I can’t. I can do removal of other living forces from within a person’s energy space, such as entities, spirits, demonic beings or extra terrestrials. However, I cannot remove the traces of their energy which may be embedded deeply into the person’s energy system. I need to use vibrational tools directly within their aura or chakra system to release and cleanse this energy, with them connected to me energetically.

What I do find somewhat strange though, is that I can see into a person’s energy system very clearly at a distance. More clearly sometimes than if they are present with me in the clinic. I am not sure why this is, although I have put it down to the fact that when I am with someone, work is being carried out at a completely different level. The Guides don’t always show me everything they are doing because they either don’t think the minor adjustments are worth commenting on, or they cut my ‘seeing’ abilities so they can use my energy for more important work, like repairing the client.

Do you do relationship problems or work with couples?

I do, and this naturally follows on from your previous question in a way, as I find that when I might be doing a telephone consultation with a client, The Guides will say to me “relationship problem!” or “look at the husband, wife or partner!” Even though the partner might be miles away from the person I am talking with I can see directly into their energy system or consciousness. I find in some instances I have been able to describe a person’s character, behaviour and personality to a fine degree. Of course, I also see the specific problem with the relationship extremely accurately too. Sometimes the problem can be quite a complex interaction of the energies and personalities of the two people that needs to be unravelled and understood.

If I am seeing people with relationship problems I usually see them individually. The Guides will guide me to the core issues between them and describe the faults with the person I am seeing and how this frustrates or hurts their partner. They will also describe the absent partner and how they function too. I usually type up the notes in relationship problems so that the individuals can share knowledge of their deeper selves if they wish. In some cases though, they don’t wish to share and of course this is usually based on fear or not really being ready to take the step of resolution or moving forwards.

I do find a lot of past life patterns are responsible for relationship problems too. Our present time in Earth’s evolution is a rapidly changing place, with regard to the transformational energies we live and breathe within. This is a powerful time for change and releasing or healing those past life patterns. My particular gifts seem to me to be very pertinent to the times we live in, inasmuch as I can not only see the problem, but facilitate it’s healing process.

Do you find incompatibility in some relationships, and if so how do you deal with this with the people involved?

Yes, I do find couples who are completely incompatible for many different reasons. Over the years I have learned to trust the information my Guides give me implicitly, even though I do have ways of checking it and indeed do check it. The Guides don’t mince around with words. They often give me information in what seems to be very ruthless and direct terms for some people. I have learned that the exact words they give me are the ones I have to use, and this is because of the resonance within the word patterns. Sometimes I will think the terminology is a little harsh and I try to change it to soften the approach for the client, but The Guides refuse to let me do this. However, as I say, I have learned to trust their judgement and I find that the words they give me are precisely the words that will hit home in the right way to alert the consciousness of the person to the changes necessary.

For instance, there was a lady in her late fifties who was having particular difficulties in her life and was completely stuck with these. Her friends, who were very concerned for her, clubbed together and bought her a session with me. To cut a long story short the issues was relationship. The Guides told me to ‘look inside’ and I said to them, “these energies look like relationship, is this correct.” They came straight back with “Her husband undermines her”! After some personal struggle with trying desperately to find a way to bring this subject to her attention in a softer way, or change the wording, I couldn’t. The Guides held the focus so strongly in my being that I was unable to change the words. They simply wouldn’t allow it. And so, I spat it out... “Your husband undermines you. This is the essence of your problems and present emotional state.” Of course, the lady went into complete denial and then my job really began because I had to dig deep into her to find what The Guides meant, to see what he did to her and how it affected her, and indeed how she masked it so that she could be in this state of oblivious denial.

As I unravelled it over a couple of hours, she had to admit that indeed this was the problem, but she had never been able to face it and admit it. Therefore, of course, she had never really seen it in all its glory. Now this was difficult for the lady as they had been childhood sweethearts and been married for over thirty years and indeed she still loved him dearly. But a bit at a time we built up the picture of what was actually happening and she was able to steel herself with this crystal clear vision to make a stand for her rights in the relationship.

The issue was this. When you are into the late fifties, your life should be coming into a state of balance on many fronts. The lady and her husband had always worked hard, but he had been unsuccessful in his work many times and continually borrowed money without her knowing, to pay his debts. The final straw had come when she received a telephone call one day because a loan hadn’t been paid. He had taken a mortgage on the home for thousands of pounds without her knowledge and forged her signature to get it. This was the repeating pattern of his behaviour. But this time, he was in much deeper. When she found out the full details she was devastated. He had totally sabotaged her plans for retirement. Because of her love for her husband, she just couldn’t bear to think that he could do this to her and in his defence we have to say that he has got serious emotional and judgmental problems himself, because he can’t see the seriousness of what he has done to her either. The man needs help, but probably can’t see it. This is why The Guides gave me those specific words, because they had to shock her into seeing the problem, so that she could protect herself from his continuing mistreatment of her in this way. Her love consistently clouded her vision of the true picture. Everything she had worked for was being squandered by her husband. A typical analogy would be to work for a month, then hand over your wages to your husband on payday and watch him throw it in the fire. He then turns to you and says, “that is what I think you are worth.”

So you see, the choice of words in some instances is critical to the healing process and I have learned to trust what The Guides give me to pass to the client is exactly right for what they need.

You mention Telephone Consultations, what are these?

Telephone consultations are a very useful tool. As I said, I can see very clearly into someone whilst on the telephone. If a person lives a long way from where I am, we can see what the problem is and then the person can decide what to do about it. I’ve done telephone consultation with people in countries as far away as Saudi Arabia, Germany, Sweden, the USA. Once we know what the problem is, the client can then decide what to do about it.

In some cases they may be able to find a local healer who can do the work and sometimes they may want to sit with the problem and think it out for while. Sometimes, I can recommend and make up essences, which will help them in the short term while they decide what to do. Of course, in some cases, if it is seriously heavy energy work which is needed, or maybe an emergency case of aura damage or psychic attack, then they will then have to come to see me as soon as we can arrange it.

You Mentioned Spiritual Evolution Work. What is this?

he Guides view a person’s life in terms of their evolution. They don’t seem to be too interested in just fixing a problem, but more in ‘where is this person going in life and what is blocking them to achieving that?’

Removing blockages to a person’s life essentially means evolutionary growth will take place. When you remove or dissolve a blockage, the life can move forward because the energy system is now not restricted as much as it was. Because I seem to be able to facilitate this ‘moving forward’ process is why I think so many healers come to see me. Many times I have heard myself referred to as The Healers’ Healer.

Sensitives and Healers tend to be very tuned-in to themselves at many levels, and they know when things are not right, or when things are blocking them from moving forward. Most healers also know that we all need help from time to time in that process of moving forward. It can be almost impossible to solve our own problems because we live within our own energy space and it can be very difficult to see into our own consciousness, unlike being able to see into that energy space of another person.

Is this the Spiritual Path we Hear About?

Yes. There are many people on what is termed a spiritual or evolutionary path and this is one of my special gifts, moving people forwards on that path. For instance, I know I can bring about changes in person just by being in the same room with them. It is like the passing of an unspoken attunement. If that person is ready to move forwards, then something in my consciousness will bring that about for them without me doing anything. Many times people have told me that they have suddenly developed new skills after being with me.

The Guides pour forth wonderful, loving energy into and through me and into others. How can it not have an effect? I know my Guides continue to work with my clients for weeks afterwards too, fine tuning the work. Teasing their consciousness open.

Dave, your gifts seem to be both simple yet complex, but very unique and effective. How would you sum it all up?

I have without doubt been given a wonderful gift, which, continually unfolds. Of course, the nature of a mystic gift is that it is mysterious. I can’t say I understand what happens. The best way I can describe the process though is perhaps thus.

The forces of God are within every person. As the forces of God are perfect, they need no adjustment. Therefore, the problems people experience must be in parts of their consciousness that cannot see the God within them; and so it is by removing the blockages to this perfect vision that we must address ourselves.

The forces of God that are active and working through me facilitate the activation of the forces of God in other people, to open them into new levels of self- healing or evolution. Or to put it more simply, there is something within me, which brings about changes in other people, almost regardless of whether I do anything or not.

Even though I use essences and guidance to facilitate this, I sometimes think I don’t need to. Maybe this is just a limitation I am placing on the process? Not trusting enough! (He laughs.) I suppose if something is too easy, then we find it difficult to accept. How do you achieve the impossible without an effort and accept it? Also, if someone comes for treatment, they expect to see you do something!

A quick example of what I mean. My Mum came down with shingles just before Christmas and I was so busy I couldn’t get to see her for nearly three weeks. Anyone who knows anything about shingles will tell you that it is extremely painful and can last months. As soon as I had five minutes, I rushed round. She was in terrible pain. So bad the Doctor was really worried. I had no healing tools with me. I sat her in the chair and I sat on the sofa. I told her that she would become tired and that I would probably be unconscious as The Guides would take me out of my body while it was being used as the healing vehicle. Fifty minutes later I woke up again. The Guides said that’s all we can do. Within 48 hours she was out partying and has never looked back. Absolutely no sign of the shingles. I never cease to be amazed at the things that happen.

Now if you can give me an explanation, I would be glad to hear it. For now though, I shall continue to work on letting go and trusting in the forces of creation.


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