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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.


“I ask nothing but
The shilling of my worth.

The Bread of Heaven
Endowed upon my Birth. ”

Investment - The Basics

David’s fees are based on the value of the Light and Information he brings forth from his heart, his accumulated knowledge, experience and wisdom of more than 25 years as a healer, spiritual teacher, mystic and visionary.

When working with David, you will work by telephone at a distance. His vision is acute and there is no need to travel for a consultation, saving you time and money.

All work is assessed first by telephone consultation where you are then fully informated and can make whatever judgements necessary for entering into any work offered.


David’s fees are based on £280.00 for an initial consultation and £180.00 per hour from then on. If the fees are outside of your immediate remit, David is very happy to offer you a solution to make your exchange within a time frame. If you are called to David and need the work, then please trust that the Universe will be doing whatever it can to ensure you have the means to make the exchange.

Your exchange is based only on the time used. Therefore, if you work for 15 minutes, it would be £45.00. Half an hour, £90.00 and an hour; £180.00.

Healing and Spiritual Evolution and Unlocking your Potential

A Telephone Consultation allows you the opportunity to explore whether David and his Higher Guidance can help you resolve your problems or issues, enabling you to move forward in life. If there is some work that can be done, then this will be performed at a distance through a highly advanced process called an Essence Program.

Essence Programs

During your consultation, a Target Issue will be identified and this will be the target of the changes which are appropriate for you at this time.

After your Telephone Consultation, if you decide that you are ready to undertake some spiritual work for either healing or evolution, then this will be done, usually, via a Distant Program.

Once you commence a Healing or Evolutionary Program, you will be connected to The Light. This is like being in a one-to-one healing session, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a minimum of 28 days. Bear this in mind when you consider the Investment. If you look carefully, a Program works out at less than 7 pence per hour. If you know how to see spiritually, it never really costs you anything. Trust your heart. It will tell you if you need this work.

Geomancy, Earth Healing and Horses

David firstly conducts a Telephone Consultation to assess all the aspects of the situation and then can advise of a course of action.

Working on Site

Typically, a site visit is not usually more than three hours for an average sized home or small holding

Farms and Country Estates

With larger tracts of land, such as farms or country estates, the work is often done at a deeper level and sometimes integrated with the natural cycles, such as the equinoxes and solstices. This usually necessitates more than one visit, but brings healing to the land at a very deep level. This form of work often necessities two or three visits over a period of some months.


Please email David to make an appointment.


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