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Essence Programs

The way we work with The Emerald Heart and The Wheel of Light is through Guided Essence Programs. These Programs are an extremely Advanced Spiritual Process. The only way you, as the client, can work at this level is by having absolute Trust that it is the right path for you. All Programs are performed at a distance, they are not a hands-on procedure.


Dave adopts the role of a Messenger. Through his Inner Guidance, he identifies a Target Issue or Fear within you. The Target Issue is always an energy pattern which holds back the development of your consciousness, and therefore your evolution. Usually, you will be aware of the pattern when Dave reveals it to you, although sometimes it can be below the level of the waking consciousness and embedded in the sub-conscious. Wherever it is, The Guides and Guidance direct Dave as where it can be located. It is only when Dave can clearly see and  understand the issue, energy blockage, or indeed, lessons which needs to be learned, will The Guides allow him to continue the work. Precision is the absolute watchword for every step which is taken.

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Bringing in The Light

Once the Target Issue has been identified, a Program is created which brings specific frequencies of Spiritual Light into you which are designed to break the hold of the conscious patterning and dissolve the energy within it. This process then allows an evolutionary shift to unfold within you over the coming weeks and months. The process is like having manacles removed so that you become free at a deeper level.

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The Stages of a Program

  1. Dave will work with you to identify the problem, issue or fear which is causing limitation in your life, or blocking you from moving forward.
  2. As Dave is working with you in the consultation, The Guides of The Emerald Heart and Wheel of Light will be opening your consciousness and bringing Spiritual Light into the area of the issue or fear which is preventing your evolution. As a result, the Light begins to work on bringing the issue increasingly upwards into your waking consciousness, making it easier for you to see and understand.

    What you need to understand about this process is that by merely engaging with Dave in a consultation in this way, you will often begin to sense or feel a healing or evolutionary process activating immediately. Often, after putting down the phone, you can go through a number of days of cleansing and release without entering into the Program itself.

    Dave will eventually bring the consultation to a conclusion by identifying a specific Target Issue to work with. Most people can usually identify with this clearly. Once the Target Issue is identified you can begin work with a Program immediately.
  3. When you begin your Program it will start a deep transformational process within you. Sometimes The Guides will provide work for you to do around the issue, such as saying an affirmation or mantra every day. Vibration is what moves or dissolves blockages and opens the deeper consciousness to movement. The vibration in the words which are identified for you is always very specific and the resonance within them when read or spoken aloud can be both powerful and crucial to moving what we are working with.

    However, if you have not worked with Dave previously, more often than not, you don’t have to anything, other than remember to take the essence which The Guides have identified for you.
  4. Bringing the Light into You
    Your Program will contain the following:
    • The Laws
    • The Reading
    • A Focus
  5. The Laws:

    The Laws guide you in how the Program works. Essentially, you are working with The Guides and they are working with you. The responsibility for getting the process right is yours and The Laws explain to you how to proceed so that you get the best from the Program.

    The Reading:

    This explains the Target Issue which has been outlined by your Practitioner and which The Guides and the Light are working on. It also tells you what outcome to expect  as the Program unfolds.

    The Focus:

    In order to connect the Light into you we need what The Guides call a Focus.

    A Focus is like a key which opens a door. Dave uses a Vibrational Essence, sometimes supported by an Affirmation. The Essence contains consciousness and it is this consciousness which The Guides connect the Light into. You will work with the Essence for 3 to 4 weeks.

  6. Once you agree to take a Program, then Dave’s work is almost over. Dave is just the Messenger, and once he has delivered the message to you, namely, the Target Issue, then The Program is conducted between you and the Higher Guidance. That source watches your every thought and your level of intent as to how much you wish to change this pattern.

    When you are ready to begin your Program you must telephone the office and Log Your Start Date. This is what The Guides call ’A Reverential Process’. As you Log Your Start Date, and then begin your Program, then The Guides connect the Light into you and the work commences.
  7. A Program runs in three phases

    • Phase 1:  
      Taking the Essence over the first 28 days.
    • Phase 2:  
      How long The Guides actually work with you.
    • Phase 3:  
      The Unfolding Process.

Phase 1:          Bringing the Light In

The first phase takes 3 to 4 weeks. This is when you are taking your Essence and The Guides are then bringing the Light into you. As the Light enters your Being, The Guides begin to focus it at whatever conscious patterns need to change in order for you to move forwards.

Phase 2:          How Long The Guides Work with You

You invest in a connection which runs for a cycle of 28 days, but The Guides always work longer than this with you. They usually work between 6 to 7 weeks from the beginning of the Program.

About 5 weeks after you begin your Program, you will have a Follow-up Consultation. This will establish the progress of the work which is underway. It is also an opportunity for you to give some feedback to Dave of your experiences and gain some answers to what you might have felt. Also, most people have some questions to ask.

During the Follow-up Consultation,  The Guides will also give an idea of how much longer they will be working with you, and they will tell you how long The Unfolding Process will continue for. They will always work as long as it takes to ensure that you go through a complete conscious shift.

Phase 3:          The Unfolding Process

This is the period it takes the Light to complete its work once The Guides have performed their part. On average, this is around four months from when you started the Program.

When the Light is initially poured in to you in Phase 1, this is a little like filling the fuel tank in a car. You are filled with Light and as time moves forward, the Light begins to run out as it is used up in the work it is focussed upon. As it runs out, then the momentum created by the Program comes to a stop and you resume your own energy state once more. Your physical body also needs some time to integrate the energetic changes into its everyday make-up.

It is not usually possible, except in unusual or complex cases, to commence another Program until the previous once has completely unfolded over the four month period. Therefore, even those of you who might be trying to drive your evolution forward, will only be able to partake of around three Programs in a year.

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Programs with The Emerald Heart or Wheel of Light are unlike any other form of spiritual work. They are an extremely advanced spiritual concept and process carried out a the highest levels of light that can be attained at this time of human evolution..

Dave is merely a Messenger for The Higher Guidance and The Guides who allow him to work at this level. It is The Guides who bring the Light to you, and do the work with you. Dave is merely delivering the message of what needs to change and then arranging a connection to The Emerald Heart or Wheel of Light so that you can benefit and participate in your own healing, awakening or evolutionary path.

It is a co-creation process where The Guides bring the Light to you based on your own intent to change. If you don’t truly have the intent, then they will not connect the Light. If you can’t be bothered, then The Guides will adopt the same attitude as you.

Dave is not responsible for you or your life. You are the one who is responsible for your life, but Dave can help you to see and understand what needs to change. Dave can only guide and help you, as long as you are prepared to help yourself.

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The evolution of human consciousness is an absolute right of all humanity. It is your absolute right. There is only one person who can stand in the way of achieving definite shifts in consciousness and that is your Self. You are your only limitation.

Therefore, take the leap of faith and begin working to evolve your consciousness.

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