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Psychic Attack

Psychic Attack destroys the quality of people’s lives. It can take many forms including both living forms of consciousness, which might be perceived as other beings, which is called Active Attack, or by passive energies, Passive Attack. I have covered this in great detail in my book, Dancing with the Devil as you Channel in the Light.

Active Attack is where you are stalked or fed upon by other beings. There are many categories, but essentially, they have similar or common goals. This form of attack often manifests very quickly and can result initially in a ferocious headache for no apparent reason. As the entity feeds and drains the person of their energy, they become ever more debilitated, often having to retire to bed. If the source often attack continues to stay with the person, both aura and chakra damage can result, causing panic attacks and anxiety. However, this type of extreme attack usually leaves a person after having drained them.

Psychic Attack can be deliberately targeted at a person or family via thought forms or more specific spell craft, witchcraft, voodoo, juju or energy manipulation of many kinds. This can involve the opening of inter-dimensional doorways, or portals, which release harmful energies or beings which then attack the person in many different ways and on many levels. Essentially, the attack takes as much energy as the source needs, in order to raise its own energetic level. This type of attack is very common in some African, Asian and other cultures, where there can be much knowledge of energetic manipulation. In china, many people misuse the power of Feng Shui in this way against their enemies and even neighbours. Unfortunately, where there is power, people will always misuse it, not realising the karmic consequences of such action.

Passive forms of attack are where energy may be absorbed accidentally, which then blocks up the subtle energy system of a person and brings about a type of energy suffocation, where the chakras cannot breathe. Thought forms can cling to the aura, reducing the effectiveness of the energy system and leading indirectly to many difficulties then manifesting in the person’s life. In effect, the blockages lower a person’s vibration, and thus they then attract lower vibrational situations into their life. This type of attack can also limit and distort one’s perception of reality or picture of life. Passive attack tends to create a negative magnetic attraction around a person which consistently brings more and more negativity into their life. Healers need to pay particular attention to this type of energy as they can pick it up from successive clients and it can accumulate in their energy system in layers. Also, it can then be passed on to other clients.

A Long Apprenticeship

For many years, the universal consciousness sent me hundreds of psychic attack cases, until I had learned everything that it wanted me to learn. The most important thing to understand is that the healer needs to have very deep vision to see and understand this phenomenon. Therefore, if you know that something is wrong and you work with people who can’t see it and solve it, don’t give up searching. The more you search, the more the universe will try to connect you with someone who can help you.

Spiritual Evolution

Believe it or not, Psychic Attack can be the birth pangs of a Spiritual Awakening or an Evolutionary Process. The level at which I work these days enables me to see why the attack is being attracted to the person. So, rather than merely doing a clearance, we tackle the deeper issues which are manifesting or drawing the attack towards you.

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