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Remote Viewing

This is the ability to see into a person’s energy system and consciousness remotely, or at a distance.

I developed the ability to see into the energy system around the mid 1990s, but then began to develop Remote Viewing around 2002. Once this gift began to unfold, it accelerated very quickly. I soon discovered that I could see into people more easily at a distance than I could if they were in the same room. A little experimentation soon showed that when the person is present, the energies from all levels of their aura tended to create a kind of fog, or shall we say, energetic barriers, like net curtains, all of which needed to be seen through. By viewing remotely, I was not within that energy and thus could see more clearly.

As I developed this ability, I learned to place my consciousness at the core of the person, thereby viewing them from the inside rather than the outside.

Working by Telephone

By January 2005 I was working full time by telephone, having moved on from seeing people in person. The level at which I can view, or perceive has gone way beyond that initial level, allowing me to see into many aspects of consciousness, as well as the Spiritual Channel, the Earth Links and the Soul Link.

Secondary Remote Viewing

This is the ability to see into the energy systems and consciousness of people who are not in any way directly in contact with me. When working with an individual, it may become clear that another person in impacting their energy system or consciousness on some level, perhaps unconsciously feeding from them, like an energy vampire. So, we might say that a situation prevails where the primary cause of the person’s problem may be with or from another person. The Guides will point me to the other person and open communication channels so that I can see into that person. For instance, there may be relationship difficulties and The Guides will tune me in to the third party to enable me to see where the problem lies. I will often see the whole personality of the secondary target and how their energy interacts with my client, showing clearly the difficulties they may be experiencing. I will usually see them at a emotional or mental level and be able to describe to the client how the interaction affects them in such detail that they have no doubt that I could not have known this without seeing it. In some instances there can be a whole chain of links via different beings, and I can trace these back to source, seeing and understanding there reason for being, their infrastructure and the personalities behind the energy creation.

The Spiritual Laws

Remote viewing of a secondary, or subsequent target person is only possible if it is appropriate from a higher spiritual perspective. The process is governed by Spiritual Laws.

It is impossible to 'spy' on someone, for example, as this is a misuse of spiritual power. So, remote viewing is only possible if it will in some way uplift the first party without affecting the second, or subsequent parties.

Sometimes, it may be that one person is being compromised in some way by the sub-conscious patterns of another person. I might then be allowed to see how the game works so that I can assist the first person, my client, to understand what is undermining them and help them to see how to change their own behaviour or life so that they do not attract this situation to them any longer.
All my work is governed by higher forces, therefore, I can only see or perceive into a situation where I am allowed to do so. I don't control the access. The higher consciousness, or God-consciousness controls the access. Shall we say that ‘interference is not allowed, but ‘observation’ often is.

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