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Remote Transference

This is a process which is used to Remotely Transfer the Energy Signature of an Essence.

The first example of Remote Transference that I conducted was around 2001, where a young lady in India had contacted me with an urgent plea for help. She was in a traumatic emotional crisis personally, and the balance of her relationship with her husband was also extremely tense and thorny, leaving her feeling isolated. She had sent me an email to ask could I do anything to help, as she was studying hard for exams and could not concentrate at all. She was tearful, distressed and feeling alone and desperate in a foreign country.

I knew that we had Essences which could help, but this was a crisis situation and it would take too long for the post to arrive, if in fact it ever would, as post to India often seems to go astray.

I asked The Guides what we could do and they replied. “Remote Transference.” They then described a method by which I could select the appropriate Essences from my stock and then transfer the energy by spiritual means to a pre-prepared bottle in India. I made the arrangements with the girl and she prepared the bottle as instructed. We then transferred the energy signature of the Essence by spiritual means. I then told her by email when the Essence would be ready to take. She reported back within a couple of days that the effect was fantastic and immediate. Her whole life picture changed within 24 hours of taking the Essence, not only with herself, but her husband’s attitude changed also, as if he had been released from some dark place within. The important thing to note is that she hadn’t told him about the Essence, she had only used it herself.

Essence Programs

Of course, at this early juncture, Denise and I had no idea what this little experiment would eventually lead up to. We continued to developed this process alongside the Essence Programs and this was really the first trial of working at a distance where we drove the Essence with Light, rather than just leaving the Essence to do its own thing.

Today, we use this method with our Essence Programs often, when we either need to save time or where the postal service is unreliable. We also discovered that problems exist with over-zealous customs officials opening the bottle and pouring the contents away. This has also happened with associates of ours.

Remote Transference has great benefits in lots of ways. If we have a client requesting a Program who is familiar with Essences and has worked with them in the past, I will set up a Remote Transference of the Energy Signature and then email the details of the Program. This means that the client can start their Program within 24 hours of our Telephone Consultation, allowing The Guides, the Higher Conscious Forces and the Light to begin working in the shortest possible time.

Method of Preparing a Bottle

The best type of bottle to use is a small dropper bottle. We use 10ml bottles, but anything up to 30ml is ok.

  1. Prepare a Sacred Space.
    This can be a sunny windowsill, or on an alter, or anywhere you consider to be special or sacred in some way. Prepare the space with love and any other item you might like to use, such as a crystal, feathers, or white sage, etc.
  2. Cleanse the bottle with boiling water.
  3. Fill the bottle three-quarters full with water and place the bottle in the sacred space.
  4. Notify us by email when the bottle is in place.
  5. I then place the original Essence into a Pyramid of Light and request the transference of energy from source to destination.
  6. The energy will be received within your bottle within 24 hours.
  7. I notify you when the Essence will be ready to use by email.
  8. When the Essence is ready, top the bottle up with Vodka to avoid contamination of the water.
  9. Label the bottle and The Essence is now ready to use.

A Trust Process

Remote Transference is one of the little trust processes that you learn as you begin to move though your evolution. The more you Trust, the more powerful is the effect. Don’t doubt it - Just Trust It!

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