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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.

Revealing Truth - Consultations and Workshops

You may not be ready for my work,
But, remember where you found it.
For, when you begin to awaken,
You may have need of it.

David Ashworth

My work is all about Revealing Inner Truth. My Spiritual Teaching workshops, entitled Revealing Truth, are conducted in small groups in an open forum environment. As we cut into deep truth within the heart of each individual in turn in a group situation, the process helps everyone present to learn so much more about the process of the Evolution of Consciousness as we explore both common and perhaps more unusual conscious patterns. Sometimes, in a group situation we might find more than one person battling with the same issue. Revealing Truth Workshops also help to de-mystify the mystery of evolution as we demonstrate the very logical and simple pathway of evolution for each person.

Revealing Truth Workshops

From time to time within the workshop, each person will have the attention of The Guidance and the Light focussed upon them. This process allows the consciousness of each person to become less rigid and more flexible and to open as it lifts towards a state of unity, allowing deeper Truth to be revealed. I have asked The Guiding Consciousness to explain this process in their terms so that you may understand it better, as it is they who really conduct these sessions through me.

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The Guides Speak

Shall we say that in a group energetic process the energy and consciousness of each person is helping to unlock the issues of each other. When we work with a group, we can open, amalgamate and motivate the energy of each person into a kind of group generator. The power raised in this way allows us to elevate the consciousness of each individual towards the oneness of what you might call Universal Consciousness. A place where we all become more focused and ‘At One’ at a higher conscious level. By elevating energy and consciousness in this way, barriers within the sub-conscious naturally begin to dissolve within each person present in the Group, even before any work is done. So, we might say that The Group, defined by its very existence, based on the intent of each individual to change and evolve, begins to sow the seeds of change within the Self of each person by virtue of entering into the consciousness of the common goal. That common goal, namely, seeking evolution, allows the Higher Self to issue permission to ourselves to bring energy and Light into The Group to begin the process of evolution.

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What we might say is that by merely having the courage to step into this group situation is rewarded by deep aspects of your consciousness being opened to Spiritual Light. The Light which is absorbed then continues to push deeper for some months and as it does so, it motivates and reveals certain things which are ready to change, as well as dissolving lesser energies which we might describe as barriers to evolution. These barriers are what prevent the bigger issues and fears from coming to the surface. The process that we use is a little like Darshan, where you sit within the Light of the Teacher or Guru and the Light which emanates from them then begins to unlock your deeper Self. Effectively, that is what happens when you are within Dave’s Light. However, in addition to this, he also conducts the energy and Light in a proactive way with his dynamic consciousness to reveal the Truth of the issues and fears within. This Truth is brought forth, along with guidance as to how to proceed to release the energy which prevents evolution.

Traditionally, in Darshan, the Light is allowed to do its work at its own speed, unless the Teacher instructs it otherwise. In most circumstances, allowing the Light to work in this way takes years of constantly sitting with the Teacher in his or her Ashram. With David, you receive the Darshan experience, plus his skill and ability to bring out the relevant issue which prevents your consciousness from attaining the next level of evolution in that very moment. What we might say here, is that Darshan, although a wonderful process when you sit with a truly enlightened one, is also rapidly becoming a process of the passing age. Consciousness is speeding up as we enter the Age of Aquarius, and therefore, new processes are being born. We might say that David is working on two levels at once. Firstly, allowing the Light of the Darshan experience to work through him in the background, whilst, secondly, actively exposing the foreground issues to be worked upon.

Therefore, what you get is a kind of double layered effect where the Darshan type energies and Light which emanate from Dave, push deep over a number of months, as a result of merely being in the same room with him as he opens himself to his work. Whilst, at a conscious level, we are guiding Dave to locate the relevant issue or fear in your deeper consciousness which holds your life and evolution prisoner by preventing your vibration from rising further. As Dave locates the offending energies, we guide him as to the most appropriate way to learn about and release the energy, thus releasing your life to transcend its present vibration and subsequently leading to the evolution of your consciousness.

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From Where Comes the Light?

In order to understand the Darshan process, the question you must ask, is. “Where does the Light come from that allows the process of Darshan to serve change to the Spiritual Seeker?”

Jesus said:

There is Light
at the centre of a man of Light,
and he illumines the whole world.
If he does not shine, there is darkness.

The Gospel of Thomas

Light comes from many directions or even sources. Light can be beamed-in from an outside source. Light can be channelled through a person. Light can be called forth and delivered to a destination. Light can be manifested anywhere in time and space on command, by those with this ability. But, none of these answers the question of how Darshan serves change upon the seeker. Darshan works through the Teacher. It is a process of allowing. When the heart is awakened to a certain degree, then Light from deep within the person emanates from them. This Light is what is commonly called the Christ Light. When a person is reaching a point where the seed of the Christ Light is beginning to emerge from within their core, if they can separate their ego-self from the deeper processes by enough degrees, then this Inner Light will radiate outwards and bathe others with its influence and in its illumination.

Jesus said:

Know Him who is before your face,
And what is hidden from you shall be revealed to you;
for there is nothing hidden that shall not be manifest.

The Gospel of Thomas

The highest form of spiritual Light comes not from without, but from within. That seed is within every single person and the ego-self is the barrier to ‘allowing’ it to show and shine forth. What we do with David as he learns how to go beyond the barriers of separation, is to lend a helping hand in this ‘allowing’ process. By this, we assist his own efforts to separate from ego at a core level, so that the emerging Christ Light within him may shine forth. It is like saying that we ‘draw back a curtain so that His Light may radiate into the world’. It is that very Light which creates the Darshan experience and it is also that same Light which ‘allows’ the illumination of your inner being as David uses it to probe your deeper conscious patterns. We might say that David sees you or Knows you, by the illumination of his own Light.

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No Focus

What we might say about traditional Darshan then, is that the Light bathes the Seeker, but the Seeker usually has no idea what their priority issue in life might be. The Teacher usually does not tell or guide the student, therefore, the student continues to work within their own darkness. The Light is often opening the deeper consciousness but the Light remains unfocussed. The Light is bathing all issues and fears, regardless of their intensity, position within the consciousness or priority in terms of setting the student free. We might describe this process as like throwing a barrel of white paint at the outside of a house and hoping that everything will be covered and no imperfection will show. When, in reality, the only problem was a small crack which needed a little filling and a touch of paint to bring the house up to scratch. Because there is no focus for the Light with traditional Darshan, as it begins to work within the consciousness of the person, this can often to lead to confusion as many issues begin to try to surface at once, sometimes overwhelming the student in darkness.

By focussing the Light, like a laser, upon the ‘crack’ or issue, then bringing guidance and awareness to the student, David can bring you into the Light of your own life and then you are not labouring without focus in your own darkness.

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The Ease of Evolution

David can see into the deepest levels of consciousness, but there is often little point in penetrating these depths, as all the issues which are preventing the evolution of your consciousness will be nearer the surface. Evolution can be achieved easily with the ability to ‘view’ the deeper consciousness as the Higher Self always presents the issues to the surface of the life concerned in a prioritised order. If you tackle each issue in the correct order, then evolutionary shifts are attained relatively easily and quickly. What we might say here is that evolution is attained through passing through a complete cycle which we call The Evolutionary Cycle. By targeting specific energies in the correct order and focussing the Light upon them directly, the Light begins to dissolve the energy of the issue over a period of time. The result is that the student can pass through a complete Evolutionary Cycle resulting in a higher vibration within around three to four months. The completion of each cycle accelerates the student into a different sphere of conscious awareness and perception. This allows them to develop more of their own inner power to use effectively upon continuing to discover their own individual path of Light.

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Focussing the Light

The key to being able to achieve evolution with such dynamism is aiming and focussing the Light into the consciousness, as one would focus a laser. We might say that by identifying just one Target Issue and then beaming Light at this one issue only, the power and effectiveness of the Light is maximised. Also, because we have identified the energy of the issue, the Seeker knows exactly what they are working on at any one time and why. Therefore, you have the undivided attention of the consciousness of the Seeker and all the power of Spiritual Light focussed and driven at a single energetic point of consciousness, all governed and controlled by higher consciousness. The result is clarity of purpose and with clarity of purpose comes effective change.

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A Taste of the Power of the Light at Your Disposal

We might say that Revealing Truth Workshops give you a taste of the power of this Light. As David looks into your consciousness he opens the doors into that space within. When the door is open, his Light falls into that space and promotes movement of the issue which is identified. Subsequently, the Light which has been absorbed works on the issues and brings them ever more into your consciousness so that you can work on them. Sometimes this ‘taste’ of the Light will gently push and pull as it works to help you see the issue and at other times, a ‘taste’ can bring major cleansing and inner upheaval. The process is governed by your Higher Self.

Shall we say that David radiates the Light, therefore he makes it available to your consciousness. Your Higher Self decides how much of a shift you need and therefore absorbs what is appropriate for you at the time.

The workshops are a taster only. In order to bring the focus and power needed to take you through a complete Evolutionary Cycle, you need to work with a proper Essence Program.

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The Guides Speak about Essence Programs

Lives can be opened to the magnificence which awaits all those who truly seek the Truth within by working with the simple but extremely advanced techniques we call Programs.

The first step might be either a workshop or a private consultation where we can work with David to guide and advise you, then begin to lay your inner foundations bare to the Target Issues which prevent your evolution. Following this ‘analysis’ of your situation, we can then create an individual Essence Program which will begin to focus the Light for a period of months on the energy within the issues raised. By the end of the Program period, around four months, an evolutionary shift will have occurred.

Essence Programs were specifically developed by our Higher Consciousness to enable the acceleration of the evolution of consciousness within humans. David has been working with these for some years and their effectiveness is both powerful and incredible. Although we can also use Programs for healing or energy system repair, their primary purpose has always been to unlock your Evolution.

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Intent and Truth

Programs work at a higher conscious level. They work based on certain Spiritual Laws which are little understood at this time, as the general level at which humanity is vibrating en masse is not high enough to perceive the Truth within them. We might just say that these Laws function beyond present understanding. In order to truly understand these Laws, you have to live by them and through living by them, they reveal their Inner Truth to you and you then gain an understanding of how they work. It is impossible to understand them intellectually.

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A Trust Process

We might say that to step into Light at this level is a Trust Process. If you can’t trust the process, then the Light will not reveal itself to you. A real Catch 22, we say. However, those who are drawn to the Light which emanates from David will be ready to work at this level and many learning experiences will be presented to those who have the courage to seek Truth in this way. Those who step into David’s Light in Truth and Trust are guaranteed evolution of consciousness. For more information on Programs, see Programs in the Seeking Help Pages.

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The Mission of David and The Emerald Heart

David is the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light and the founder of The Association of The Emerald Heart. Both have one purpose, one mission, and that is to uplift humanity.

The Mission

  • To bring ever-increasing Spiritual Light to the People
    of Earth and the Earth itself
  • To Progress the Evolution of Spiritual Seekers
  • To Push the Boundaries of our Gifts and Talents
  • To Expand our Knowledge and Understanding of Reality
  • To Share the Knowledge of our Experiences
  • To Spread the Light of The Emerald Heart
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Essence Programs

Essence Programs work based on ‘The Truth in your Heart’. That is, Your Truth , and nobody else’s. The second criteria which governs their success is your ‘Intent’ to Change. If you have Intent and truly seek Truth, then this could be what you are looking for.

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