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Healing : An Overview

You only heal when you are ready to let go of and move on from the conscious patterns which create your present reality.

The First Law of Healing is:

  • The only person who heals is the sufferer themselves

People think that Healers and Therapists bring about the healing. They do not. Healers and Therapists facilitate energies which help you to bring about your own healing from within by letting go of conscious or sub-conscious patterns which hold you captive. Sometimes the release or dissolution of these patterns is ready to go and the energies from the practitioner may just be enough to trigger the final release of the pattern. That is what happens when we often see an immediate cure after healing.

However, more commonly it is a process of getting ever deeper into the energy and consciousness of the client to allow deep healing to occur and this happens by bringing Spiritual Light into the consciousness to illuminate the problem from within. Hence this process allows the client to see, perceive and understand their own issues as the light illuminates their consciousness enabling this deeper insight into themselves. When you can see and understand, then you can work to let go.

The Emerald Heart and Wheel of Light are frequencies of Spiritual Light like nothing on earth at this time. They allow David to see into very deep consciousness and when you can see what the problem is, then you can help facilitate healing or evolution. When the issue is out in the open, the client can then often identify with it on some level and then learn to understand how the issue is undermining them. If it is a small issue, it may disappear by itself with a little effort focussing upon it. If it is a larger issue, then you can choose to work with Dave and the Programs to help move it.

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Advanced Spiritual Concepts

David works through Advanced Spiritual Concepts to help you bring about your own healing and evolution. You may find some of these concepts challenging at times. However, the only way you can work with Light as powerful as The Emerald Heart or Wheel of Light  is through complete and absolute trust. If you are challenged by the concepts and cannot trust the process then you will not be able to work with David or the Light he channels. If the Light speaks to you through the words and images in these pages, then take a leap of faith and see where it takes you.

David’s mission in life is to uplift’ you by showing you what prevents your healing and subsequently, your true evolution. Working through higher consciousness and with the help of guidance, when you have been shown the ‘plot’, we can connect the Light into you for a period of time to help bring about the changes necessary to move your life forward. These issues, fears or lessons which come up can sometimes be difficult for many reasons, but if you are truly ready to work with high Spiritual Light to move beyond your present limitations, then David can help you with The Emerald Heart and Wheel of Light.

As you work with David, the Light is seeded to you in order to raise your awareness and consciousness to your deeper issues and fears. David will outline these to you and then your heightened awareness will begin to perceive the issues as you move through a Program. As your consciousness is awakened in this way, so you will have every opportunity to dissolve the patterns which create your present circumstances.

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Creating your Reality

We are always creating our future at any moment. What we are receiving in life right now is the product of our thoughts, emotions and actions from an earlier time, reflected back to us. Those thoughts, emotions and actions in turn are the product of our conscious patterning. Therefore, if we wish to create a better life for ourselves in the future, then we have to dissolve the energy which holds us in those patterns and then transcend that patterning. That is how you achieve True Evolution of Consciousness.

Your Journey
Whether we call it healing or evolution, or break it down into these two distinct areas, the work we do is always a journey. The destination is the act of revealing the Real Self by becoming empty of the ego-self. But, this is a long journey and the only way we will ever get to the destination is by continually seeking.

Jesus said:

Let he who seeks continue seeking until he finds.

The Gospel of Thomas


See the whole of life as a journey and it is through reaching out and working with practitioners of the healing arts who can guide you, that your journey can be enhanced to a point where you can maximise your potential. By learning to see how your journey has become blocked from within, you can become empowered to take the appropriate action to continue to move it forward.

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Taking the First Steps

The first point on the journey is when we identify that we need help. When this is ‘perceived and understood’, we are then ready to move forward and the best way is to contact someone whom we feel has the ability to help us do just that. There are many facilitators available to us and all you need to do to find the right one is ask yourself, how does it feel? The Universe is always trying to guide you and it does this through your feelings, so when you find a healer or therapist, just ask yourself how they feel to you. Do they feel like they are the right person to help you? If your feelings say ‘yes’, then proceed, if your feelings say ‘no’, then keep searching. In this way you will find exactly the right person.

Facilitators will take you as far as they can on your journey. However, at times you may need to work with a different practitioner who perhaps works at a different level. We are all constantly changing, Practitioners and Clients alike. When we are in resonance with each other then that is fine. If the resonance changes, then you need to seek a different person to work with. This does not mean that you won’t return to your old teachers, often you will, but it means that at any particular time when it doesn’t feel quite right, then you seek someone else who can continue to move you along in your life and evolution.

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Help for Your Issues

We all need help at some time with our issues, especially Healers, Lightworkers and Practitioners of energy work. Because if we are working with light, the light constantly opens us and reveals the next issues or fears to be transcended. Sometimes we get stuck because of the power of the energy within us pushing too hard, then resistance sets in and blockages can form closing off our healing channels. These blockages can be extremely difficult to move without a great deal of vision, perception, knowledge and power.

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Why might you be seeking help?

You may have a specific issue in mind which you need help with, for example:-

General Issues

  • Recovery from an illness or operation.
  • Moving on from a relationship
  • Unable to break out of the same repeating patterns.
  • Feeling stuck in life.
  • Clearing and balancing your energies.
  • Geopathic Stress.

Problems associated with Spiritual Evolution

Evolutionary problems can affect anyone, but tend to be focussed on those who are already on the spiritual path, or those who are awakening to it.

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks.
  • Psychic Attack.
  • Losing your Energy and becoming constantly tired
  • Losing your Clients
  • Losing your Healing Power
  • Loss of Direction with your work
  • Loss of Direction with your life
  • Nothing feels right anymore.
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For Seekers of the Spiritual Path and the Evolution of Consciousness

  • Seeking Spiritual Evolution.
  • Unlocking your Inner Gifts and Talents
  • Moving upwards in own Growth and Experience
  • Discovering your True Inner Power

Another scenario might be that you may just ‘feel’ or ‘know’ that something is not quite right or needs attention, but that you don’t know or understand what it is. A consultation will often bring insight or clarity to help you see the way forward. And, sometimes, all you need is a little guidance to point you in the right direction. Whatever is not working right in your life can be addressed and as soon as you are ready to address it the universe will help you find some answers. Remember the old teachings - Seek and You Shall Find. It is very true. As soon as you begin to look for the answers in earnest, then you will find a pathway to them.

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Working with Programs

All David’s work is done at a distance through Guided Essence Programs. Have a look at the following pages to see how everything works and evaluate the cost.

  • Making Contact
  • Consultations
  • Programs
  • Investment
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