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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.


To Be or Not to Be?

To share the words of grateful seekers as testimonials or not? That surely is the question? For to include them might point to ego, but to leave them out is to deny others the opportunity of reading for themselves the experiences of those who have taken the Leap of Faith to work with David and the extremely advanced spiritual processes of The Emerald Heart and The Wheel of Light.

We think it is important that you have the opportunity of reading what other people say in their own words, because their words carry ‘their Light’ and that might help you to ‘feel’ if this is the right path for you.

Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential

The Essence Programs have been guided to us as a tool to unlock the evolution of your consciousness. Through this process, your perception of reality changes. You see things from a higher perspective and your gifts and talents begin to unfold. As blockages are dissolved, your vibration raises and the result is that the Universal Consciousness can bring you more of everything which it has in store for you. Many lives have been totally transformed in a very short space of time with the Essence Programs.

We hope you enjoy reading the experiences of these people who have entered into the spirit of trust and discovered real and true Spiritual Transformation.

Dave and Denise

In their own Words


Dear David and Denise,

I’m sitting here searching for the right words to convey my deep appreciation to you both. The longer I sit here, the further I search and the deeper into love and appreciation I go.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Looking forward to speaking further with you both.


Dear David,

I wanted to let you know that your Program has helped me gain focus and clarity and I feel strong enough to start my project which is already under way. It was a good decision and I feel I have gained confidence and strength to deal with this new phase in my life , thank you.


Dear Dave and Denise,

Thank you both so very much, for all your time and help. To get me back into the world I hope.

I found it so amazing David was so into my inner thoughts and fears. It is good to face it. I feel better for speaking to you. Will be in touch as progress must move forward.

Love and Best Wishes. God Bless.


Hi Dave,

I have started taking the essence and tremendous changes in my body and especially feet and I am also using it for some earth healing. Thank you for bringing through such amazing energies

I looked again at your website and totally get that we are magnetised to people who are able to teach us the next level and so no coincidence that I found the emerald heart website

South Africa

Hi David!

You know, I am so happy that you are there for me! You and Denise, are the only ones that understands me and can explain for me what is happening, and now everything is so much clearer for me. It was so important for me to talk to you yesterday!

Also I have to tell you (it so easy to forget, when you are well) but , I want to tell you how well I am feeling now! Now when I am alright again I can understand how sick I was! I feel so strong and my energy is much more in balance. I feel like a new person.

Thank You for everything!!

Love Eva.

Dear Denise

Many thanks to Dave, yourself, the Guides of the Emerald Heart and the Deva's of the Sentinel Essences. At the start of the Program, the roller coaster was intense. Now nearly 7 and a half weeks in, peace has come in and all is well. Life continues to unfold and as the impasses have and continue to dissolve, life flows in a joyous and magical way.

Thank you all so much for your support, your love and your light.


Nicky. xxx

Hi David,

I just wanted to say that your book 'Dancing with the Devil' has really helped me in my Reiki work and so many experiences and thoughts were confirmed which feels so amazing!

Kind regards


Hi David,

Here comes news and lot and lots of love and gratitude from a very, very happy human being!!!

I can tell you for sure that Steve is having a difficult time in his life now, because I’m back! I have an immense energy now. For 3 days with help of a friend and Steve (of course), we renovated my treatment room (can I say that?).We teared down a wall to a big closet, putted in 2 windows in the wall, pulled down 2 old cupboards and painted all the walls and ceilings, washed 25 curtains, layed in new wall-to-wall carpeting in two of the rooms, hanged the curtains back in their places and put the furniture back and later that last day I had a client!

(Steve didn’t go to his work the day after, he worked from home...too tired!) Ha ha, not me! Didn’t you tell me that my energy should rise more and more until November?...  I’m planning to build another house in the garden... No I’m joking! This is so fantastic so amazing and I am so grateful!! Of all my heart David, Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

All my Love


Hi Dave

I finally KNOW that I'm connecting to the 3 Earth channels - which have been, it has become clear to me, the problem underlying my lack of will to exist - bottom line. And now, this is changing, at an accelerated rate which is magnificent. I saw your face in a mighty Oak tree by a stream yesterday - and tears of realization filled me with immense grace and peace. I feel I have a new body - brimming with wanting to be seen. This is The Emerald Heart vibration...it feels so.

Thank you so much Dave for being the channel you are. I feel I may need to have a further consultation with you soon - to ensure I am 'on beam' with all that I can be. If you have any insight with that - let me know and I can email Denise for a time on the phone with you.

Love and light eternal


Hi Dave,



Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for the Extreme Essences. This is a very generous gift. I will share the essences with my friends.

Moreover I would like to tell you my latest experience with the Wheel of Light Essence Enlightenment. The day I got it (around midday) I placed it in a cupboard to store it. The same day in the afternoon I already felt a very strong presence of the angels. And now (maybe two weeks later) they are still here with me, helping and guiding me, although I have not taken a single drop from the essence until now. Another example how really powerful your essences are.

Best wishes and again many thanks to both of you


Dear David and Denise,

One of the things I asked for help with was feeling stuck in my creative direction, not knowing what it was I should be doing with my life. After talking to you I felt a bit anxious - would any changes mean I would have to begin all over again elsewhere? However within the space of six weeks my own work appeared to completely transform, not only my attitude to my work was transforming, but he actual work itself, and this is continuing on a daily basis.

From day one (of the Program) I no longer seemed to doubt where I was or what I was doing: I began to ‘root down’ into my work, really being there, really engaging. I began to respond to many opportunities embedded in my work which I hadn’t been able to see before and to respond creatively so that further opportunities began to blossom. I began to bring skills into play that had previously seemed ‘locked down’ or ‘unwanted’ and I began to experience myself at work as a whole self, someone whose creativity and authority was needed and who also was very much ‘part of a team’.

Then I began to attract other work, simply because I was sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for my projects with others - the new work develop are challenging to me, but fear and constriction no longer have the upper hand. I have begun to enjoy, rather than resist, the demands of work and the work itself continues to open up for me, changing me and my attitude and my sense of what I am there for.

From the moment we began the Program, I seem to have been supported by an incredible sense of faith and trust, which normally I wouldn’t see myself as having access to; habitually I have been someone who tenses up against change and resists risk - but this is different and I look forward to continuing the work over time - the benefits are unquestionable and a source of great optimism and joy.

Perhaps the really crucial support is for the ‘little self’ that is frightened and grasping and finds it difficult to let go - it’s as if there’s an energy there that is supporting the little self to ‘go through’ the process of transformation, and that’s a great blessing and a true help, and this is perhaps what allows the great changes to take place, despite our fears and our constriction.

Many thanks to you both,


Hi Denise, Hi Dave,

Just to let you know: We (my friends and I) are all very happy with the
Wheel of Light Essences. In fact we do not want to be a single day without them. The results are great. Not everything that is coming up is easy to handle, but that is okay.

Many thanks to both of you and kind regards


Dear Dave,

Thank you for sending out the CD and Creation Essences so promptly.

I started using the essence immediately on my wrist pulse points which stay “glued” together for a minute or so with an enormous amount of heat being generated.

I am feeling a lot more grounded and mind is less confused already.

Thank you soooooo much for talking with me and taking me back to basics again - exactly where I needed to make a new start from. The CD is invaluable, I will continue to learn much from it.

With love and light,

Surrey, UK.

14th January 2008

Dear Denise,

I would strongly recommend anyone to partake in this opportunity. Seldom have I encountered a so profound and personalised guidance from such an all-encompassing source. Especially, the total amount of responsibility taken for the overall well-being of participants is something that I have never previously experienced despite having been very active in different areas of light and energy work. This is an opportunity of a life time!


4th January 2008

Good morning Denise,

I can feel the guides still working with me , like never before and yesterday there was some kind of deep access to parts of me I couldn't access for a long time or never before, there is one sentence come again and again....I fall in love with myself again, and it feels like that, I feel alive in every cell.... and I like it very much


3rd January 2008

Hi Dave,

I am still using the Extreme Essences and finding them useful.

In all honesty I think the extreme essences are my “Bach remedies”.



1st December 2007

Hello Dave,

Everything is going well, sometimes in an unexpected way. The Program certainly works, and The Guides you work with are certainly doing their job, bringing in the Light. My Guides seem pleased with the progress and they set me goals which my higher self agrees with, but the ego and sub-conscious continually rebel against. It is an on-going battle and sometimes I feel I’m sitting in complete chaos. However, it is worth it in the long run and I am grateful for your help.

Onward and upwards. Take care and all the best.


13th December 2007

Dear Dave and Denise,

As always, thank you for all your love, concern and care. When I think of what Wendy was going through when I first came to you and see her as she is today - relaxed, happy and smiling - she is so different. Thank you for that.

To know you are there always ready to listen and help is a huge comfort to me. I am truly grateful. We wish you a happy, peaceful Christmas and all the best for 2008.

20th December 2007

Dear Denise,

Thank you for the suggested date for the follow up consultation with Dave on Monday 7th January at 11.30 (UK-time). Herewith I confirm and look forward to the next steps.

The program works very well - I feel better and better every day!! Already after 2 weeks I felt more energy in my legs and earthing/grounding works much more better. Additionally in a few encounters other people give apprechiably more attention to me than before.

And by the way I look better :-))

Thanks a lot ! ! !
Best wishes and A Merry Christmas

1st December 2007

Dear David and Denise,

Thank you so much for all your help and support. It’s really appreciated, thank you.

Love and Light,

29th November 2007

Dear Dave and Denise,

Big hugs of gratitude. Thank you for all you do for me.

Best Wishes, Helen.

26th November 2007

Dear David and Denise,

May love and light always shine on your pathway.


16th October 2007

Hi David and Denise

It has been over a year, maybe even a year and a half, since I spoke with you both and David helped me to sort out my energy blockages. It was a long but necessary process in two separate stages. A lot has happened since than. I feel a lot healthier than before and mush more balanced and relaxed. My body hurts much less, but the most wonderful sign of that my body is feeling better is that I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy in June this year!! My poor health, before I got help from David, caused me to misscarry twice before. A life long dream has come true and I'm sure I couldn't have done this without your help, so thank you both!!!!

Lots of Love,
Ann (and William)

7th September 2007

Hi Denise and Dave,

Before leaving to Paris I just wanted to let you know, that I never felt so alive , it's like something opened up and that there is a flow which I 'm flowing with in harmony, everything turned out yesterday the way I wanted, not that I did anything about it ,it just happened with a lightness, I don't know.

Yesterday evening for the first time since 20 years I could enjoy Mozart again and in there is something that touched me very deep as never before, it was heavenly, I am so grateful about how I feel and what happened so quickly after taking the essence. Yes it is powerful, I got very tired , but I am also experiencing an energy as never before, and I can feel others around me.

Have a fine week-end


6th September 2007

Hi Denise and Dave

Has this essence an immediate effect??? I took it after we spoke and I only come by now......it has been incredible, and difficult to put it into words, like sort of having someone taking care of a part of me I couldn't get to myself, I really feel wonderful, it's my best day since years, thanks.


Dear Denise and Dave,

After speaking to David and deciding to go ahead with an Essence Program, when I drove to work there was a rainbow which got brighter and brighter, and I knew I had made the right decision to go ahead.

Many thanks,


17th April 2007

Dear David and The Guides,

A truly heartfelt thank you for your amazing help, support and guidance. I feel so blessed and privileged that I was lead to you.

Here’s to exciting new beginnings!

With great love, light and respect.

Ruth C.

11th June 2007

Dear David and Denise,

It’s been nearly six months since I started my Essence Program and I just wanted to thank you for all your practical and sensible support in what can be a flaky realm of endeavour!

I have been looking for a spiritual teacher for more than 10 years now and have finally found one and have just been accepted into his school. I put this down to the Emerald Heart connection and your advice and guidance. I was really lost in January but am now finally finding my way. It’s been a touch 6 months, this has been no easy option - but it has also been real.

Thank you both.

With much love and appreciation,


15th August 2007

Dear Denise,

Dave visited us at our Farm in Gloucestershire in May 2005. Since then we have noticed an aura of calmness and light around the house and garden, a definite change to the disturbances that we had encountered before Dave came into our lives.

With best regards,

Helen S.

25th August 2007

Dear Dave and Denise,

Thank you for all your help and support over the past months. I now feel as if my life is getting back on track.

Many Thanks,

Sarah B

1st September 2007

Hi Dave and Denise,

I can’t express it in words what your helping me means to me, never the less, I’ll say thank you. It comes from deep within my heart.


Barbara H
Provence, south east France

13th August 2007

Dear David,

Very, very many thanks for the reassurance and healing and kind advice.

There is obvious improvement of which I am very pleased. I remain a little fragile, a bit like a newly turned out jelly, a bit wobbly in places but setting nicely.

Thank you. I am very aware of Heavenly support and Guidance - Thank you ALL, so much.

With love,


19th July 2007

Dave & Denise,

Today is a special day.

I have found The Emerald Heart.

Love and light,


July 2007

Dear Dave and Denise,

Thanks to both of you for all of the help, information and essences - I am feeling very different to when I first met you at the Gathering, much better.


3rd July 2007

Dear Dave and Denise,

Thank you so much for all your help and your cheerfulness and laughter which is always so nice!

Mary F

17th April 2007

Dear David and The Guides,

A truly heartfelt thank you for your amazing help, support and guidance. I feel so blessed and privileged that I was lead to you.

Here’s to exciting new beginnings!

With great love, light and respect.

Ruth C.

Dear David,

I experience the working of The Guides as real grace and the guidance I received by (via you) as vital. I have lots of questions about your work.

’Til later, with Light and Blessings to you.


Words to share with others.

I contacted David because I was experiencing some severe challenges with my crown chakra and I had not been able to find anyone who could support me, let alone tell me what was going on.

I can only tell you the tremendous relief I felt speaking with David, who, with information from The Guides, pinpointed the issue straight away. Help was at hand! I was no longer alone. I have found teachers who are able and willing to open you to spiritual pathways, but who are not willing to support you or do not know how to support you when something unexpected happens. David was so approachable, supportive and knowledgeable. With his great sense of humour, he was able to explain to me an energetic situation that was extremely personal. (Involving my root chakra – need I say more!) An issue I had been challenged with for my whole life and no one knew about. I had only been speaking with him for a couple of minutes and he identified my whole energy picture. I was amazed and in awe at the Guides and the information David was channelling from them. That they had a Program that could support me was incredible.

The work with the essences, the Guides and David has been life changing. Over the past eighteen months I have changed in ways that I could not have imagined. I have been supported, stretched nurtured and challenged when I needed to be. I have a much clearer picture of who I am and what I am here to do as these Programs have cleared away so much of the debris which held me back from this knowledge. Wherever you are on your journey, if you are considering contacting David then I encourage you to do so. You will find someone who, in my experience, knows what they are talking about, has experienced a great deal on his own path and has a level of humility and fun which keeps this work as important as it is, in perspective. I only wish I had contacted him sooner so I wouldn’t have struggled by myself for so long.

L.S. living in New York

Hi Dave,

I have found putting a couple of words together re The Emerald heart incredibly difficult because the process has not been conscious but working at much deeper levels than I could have possibly imagined.

The truth of the work that The Guides have been doing since I joined with The Emerald Heart energies has been actually beyond my ability to describe with our limited language of words, hence the struggle to find the right ones. The changes in my life, my ability to move on and through old patterns of living and thinking, the incredible depth of insight, healing and transformation is evidence to me, and those around me, of the power of this connection. Thank you - I look forward to deeper revelations as my true being is revealed!

Dave, I have had the most amazing amount of energy since working with the guides and the Creation essence! the pace is really picking up but I'm enjoying the thrill of the ride (most of the time) the rest of the time it's just plain scarey!

Speak soon.

Perth, Western Australia

Dear Dave,

Stuff arrived, safe and sound. Thank you.

I started the programme last night - All Hallow's Eve seemed auspicious - and I am stunned at the immediate effect. Powerful magic, my friend. Powerful magic.

Kindest Regards,

Ian W.

I just want to send you my deepest heartfelt gratitude after having received information, help and clarification in so may facets of my life in reading your book Dancing with the Devil.

Anonymous by email.

Dear Dave,

You and The Guides have given me plenty to think about, and as often happens after talking with you I felt enthused and positive about getting on with my homeopathy and about being more positive about what I have and can achieve. If I'm honest I am aware that changes are afoot within me in terms of being a little more true to myself, and I know that a fair chunk of that shift is due to help you have given me in the past, so thank you for that. I also have a small and growing insight into the habits/mental attitudes that are limiting me (based on the fears we spoke about), so I find this encouraging to know that I can begin to get an insight into negative patterns and therefore be in a position to change them. I also need to be mindful of the step-by-step nature of these things and celebrate the small steps and recognise their significance.

There was also something else that I have meant to say but never did, which was to do with the subtlety of the shift that happened while taking the essences. As with what sometimes happens in homeopathy there is a shift in a person's perspective on the world which only seems significant in hindsight and can often go unnoticed. I think that is how your essences have helped me; they created upward and positive movement, perhaps overcame inertia, and only some weeks or months later did I notice how things had changed. As time passes it can sometimes be all too easy to lose sight of where the impetus for that change came from, or to forget to tell the source!

Very best wishes,


Dear David and Denise,

After speaking to David and deciding to go ahead with the Program, when I drove to work there was a rainbow which got brighter and brighter and I knew I had made the right decision to go ahead.

Many thanks,

Dear Dave,

It's early days but the shift that's happened already is massive. I welcome the changes and trust in the whole process. I have great respect for The Emerald Heart Light and it's nice to know I can do some more work with you when necessary.

With thanks

Dear David,

I would like to thank you for today' session.

It felt nice to experience the radiance coming from you.
I feel very different tonight, light, relaxed and peaceful.

Thanks for your kind heart,

Be well,

New York

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to write some thoughts on my experience with the 'unblocking' for you to share with others on your web site.

I work as a Psychic Medium and a Tutor at the College of Psychic Studies. So I am well aware of spiritual development. I contacted David for a check up, there wasn't really anything 'wrong' as such. He pointed out one of my major blocks holding my work back.

We looked into it and I took an Essence Programme. I didn't expect the difference it made.

One example of this, is that I have wanted to be veggie, but being a fussy eater and eating on the run, it seemed to big a deal even with my views on meat. On the first day of using the essence I stopped eating meat. After that, I found I was having 'down loads' of information from spirit. This is normal for me, but this time it was like having a reading for me about me everyday. It cleared up many of my false ideas of myself and had me in fits of laughter at myself a lot of the time.

My work has also gone up in vibration and I am now really able to do things I never thought possible. I found that if something was happening for my own learning, then my vision was different, like looking through a different lens. It's been a profound experience. Like those few and far between moments of realisation, but happening on a daily bases.

In my line of work I meet many people who have taken the spiritual road a wee bit too far. I have met people who believe they have found answers and 'all you have to do is stick a purple twig to your third eye and eat beetroot'. So I wasn't sure about taking essences and expecting not my own guides to work with me, but I was happy to be proved right to trust. This worked for me.

Thank you Dave,

Becky Walsh

Dave and Denise,

Thank you. Thank you.. Thank you. You are doing a FANTASTIC job!


Hello Denise,

Things are starting to change since I spoke to Dave, I m feeling better… so I am looking forward to what is coming next.

Thanks a lot already!

Love Barbara

Hi Denise,

After speaking with Dave today, I would like to put down some words for others to read. To be able to recognise their own potential and to bring the Light to whoever is ready and willing to receive it. I could wax lyrical for pages, to explain what the connection with Dave and yourself has enabled me to achieve but I'd like to put it into 'laymans terms' for anyone out there who is reading.......

However you've come to be reading this page, it may be that, like me, you found Dave’s book. You thought you'd have a quick look on the website, or just followed your 'hunch' or intuition. Here, all that you need to know is very clearly explained, so I won't go into detail about the process that Dave and Denise offer.

I believe I was guided to it, but whatever your belief, you won't look back if you're willing to experience life in it's entirety. Working through my journey with Dave is certainly 'shifting' me. It's SO hard to describe what's going on inside me...writing this is like trying to put the Universe onto a postage stamp....I haven't the words to describe the feelings, levels of change or the process. With Dave’s help, The Guides are transforming my levels of awareness to shift any blocks in my growth and it's truly amazing. I'm achieving a clarity of purpose, a sense of knowing, an inner peace and a healing, that's allowing me to fulfil my maximum potential.
I see and accept myself in my entirety.

Trust your own feelings about whether you choose to work with the Light that Dave facilitates. Change does happen, and if you're prepared to accept the process with faith and trust, the rewards are truly great. For me, it's a deeply profound and powerfully magical experience.....do you dare to be all that you can be?

Thank you is not enough.
Many blessings.

Jill Palmer

Dear David,

With regard to our telephone consultation. I now see what you meant, when you told me that there would be great resistance between my conscious versus my unconscious mind, so-much-so, that they are currently battling it out between themselves. At times, I feel that they should both be put in a boxing ring and left to fight it out.

Thank you for all your help and advice you have given me, it has been very much appreciated.

Love and light,

January 2007


Thank you.

It’s nice to speak to somebody who’s very understanding and knows what they are talking about.

Yours sincerely,



I feel free and liberated.

Thank you,


Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. The enormity of the process is just sinking in. The Guides have been speaking to me today and I know that lifetime mountains are being processed here. It’s gigantic but with your help, The Guides and Essences, I’m finally moving forward.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, it’s amazing!


Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for you readings and dedication. There’s only one way and that’s forward.

Blessings always.

Richard and Mary


Thanks so much for your help and guidance this year.

Lots of love,

Julie and Nigel

Dave and Denise,

Thank you for your loving help and guidance. The Guides are doing a fabulous job! And it iss really appreciated.


December 2006

Many thanks to both of you for your help!

Dave - it’s not been easy having chronic fatigue and working on my problems - but my God it’s been worth it. I am very grateful and a lot of stuff has come too the light.


Dear Dave,

You and The Guides have given me plenty to think about, and as often happens after talking with you I felt enthused and positive about getting on with my homeopathy and about being more positive about what I have and can achieve. If I'm honest I am aware that changes are afoot within me in terms of being a little more true to myself, and I know that a fair chunk of that shift is due to help you have given me in the past, so thank you for that. I also have a small and growing insight into the habits/mental attitudes that are limiting me (based on the fears we spoke about), so I find this encouraging to know that I can begin to get an insight into negative patterns and therefore be in a position to change them. I also need to be mindful of the step-by-step nature of these things and celebrate the small steps and recognise their significance.

Thank you again for coming down here, not only for the land work. You've helped clarify things for me and you’ve encouraged me which is a big boost.

Very best wishes,



Just thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know I received the Extreme Despair Essence yesterday. I think I received it energetically on Thursday because a few hours after I spoke to you Denise I started to feel a lot better and more normal.

The channelled info really blew me away! I'm finding it hard to put into words but suffice to say it resonated at a very deep level and made so much sense. It was like a massive piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my life fell into place. I will try and write some more about it for you when I can think better.

I'm still quite exhausted and didn't sleep that well last night although I'm managing without the Valium and the nightmares have gone. But I am feeling happy, excited about Christmas and so very relieved that I might not have to visit that place of despair again!!!!!

So from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you to you both and The Guides. I can't say how much this means to me.

Wishing you peace and stillness this Solstice, and joy and laughter for Christmas and New Year.

Rest well, you are both very precious!
Much Love


Dear David, Denise,

I’ve been meaning to e-mail you for some time. I mainly wanted to say thank you so much (to you both and The Guides) for the connection to the Wheel of Light/Essence Program. I now feel the repair work has been completed and feel more balanced and stronger and happier than ever.

You said that things will start to shift and in addition to a powerful personal soul connection I have recently been guided in no uncertain terms to join a newly formed earth healing group and through this am likely to join a monthly angelic communion group in the New Year. The coincidence of use of my newly strengthened root and crown was not lost on me although I am finding that when I am open to divine flow I really do not need to do much else except to let the “higher powers” do their thing.

The whole experience of the last year or so has been quite an eye opener in more ways than I dreamed were possible but it is clear to me that what you have produced with your essences and service to humanity really is “healing of the 21st century” or to quote another of your client’s testimonials “powerful magic” and I am just grateful to have re-found you at a time when I really needed it.

I still bless the wonderful Guides and trust they are still there, in some way or other, just keeping things ticking over. Presumably I can reconnect through another essence at any time? – “Connection” is the one that draws me at present…..

Bless you both from the centre of my heart. Have a wonderful Solstice/Christmas etc.


Dear David,

As soon as I had finished speaking to you, I rang my partner - obviously I was concerned about the finances, but I trusted anyway. The first thing he said was, ‘there’s some good news, we’re getting a bonus (unexpected) this week, £200.00.

Much love and grateful thanks.


Dear Dave and Denise,

The calm before the storm
I wonder every night
Where the Emerald Light goes
On it's mystical flight
Within my consciousness
Is where the essence reaches
Allowing me to trust
In the truth it teaches
With the guiding light
Dissolving inner fears
Freedom within my heart
Forever true and clear

Melinda Feb 2006


My name is Steven and I have been on the Emerald Heart Light Essence program for a month. The essence chosen for me was Brain Energy Receptor. I can honestly say that I have seen profound changes happening.

Four years ago I was watching something about mind-control on the T.V. when a woman’s voice suddenly appeared in my ear and said THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO WITH YOU. Since that happened I have heard voices, every day in the background. These voices put me down and are always talking about me, so it can leave me feeling very confused. So, four years later I decided to do something about it and the answer came in the form of the essence programs. Being on the Program has connected me to the Source again and I feel I am moving forward in my evolution. It’s as though I’m in touch with my Sacred Stellar-Self.
I also feel more knowledgeable and now realize that I am a healer and as I unfold and release more fears I will be able to play my part in healing the world. Yes, the voices are still here but will go in time. My Higher Self made the voices so I would start to ask questions and evolve…and now at last I feel I am evolving.
To everyone on the program or thinking about it, all the best for the future


Hi Denise!

Thanks for getting back to me re the tape - I shall enjoy listening to it tonight!
I have passed the word around re David's work and have some friends that should be in touch. My sister Melina is also very keen to make an appointment, and at a later date, her girlfriend Tracy. Neither of them have access to email. Is there a number I can give them for making appointments?

So much love and light to you - so many wonderful things have been happening since I started the Essence Program... like I am finally getting the concepts I have been struggling with for so long. I seem to be manifesting my heart's desires so much more instantly, letting go of pain so much more easily and getting so into co-creating my reality with Source - I feel LOVED UP!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to you both.

Rozy xx

Dear Dave,

Your book has given me back my sanity after 20 years...thank you!. It seems inadequate somehow...just 'thank you'.. but it is from the heart.

I have read your book 6 times, lent it to numerous people, just wish it had been
published in 1986, but then I wouldn’t have believed what you were saying,
only now having read it do I realise how bad what I went through was. Its
frustrating now knowing why I can’t be fit, well & healthy.

Being 'scared' of energy is not good when you want to be a healer!!
Sorry, rambling on a bit but your book has changed my life & that of others I have lent it to
many blessings to you & yours


Dear Dave and Denise, July 2006

Life falling around me continually,
Feeling down, fed-up and unworthy,
“What’s wrong with me,” I ask my guides,
Look within, put doubts aside.

Into oblivion my friends have gone,
My work, my plans, all undone,
My path is not easy at times or straight,
These are testing times to have patience and wait.

Dave and his Guides are so brilliant,
Seeing the problem in an instant,
“A natural evolutionary process,” they say,
No need o worry or be swayed.

The Emerald Heart so powerful and strong has softened my fall,
Giving confidence, a smile, no worries at all,
Transforming like the butterfly to fly it’s wings,
Facing the world and experience it brings.

Without Dave and his Guides I’ll honestly say,
I wouldn’t be where I am today,
With patience, understanding and love,
They have given me a gentle shove.

My habits, my ways, I kept for solace and safety,
Now melted down ever so gently,
Learning with trust, I’ll be okay,
Just like the butterfly,
I’m on my way.

Melinda, July 2006

Hi David or Denise or both!

I recently purchased the Quickening Essence, I completed the course about 3 weeks ago I think. Much is happening for me and has been for a while & I know the essence was definitely a part of my process, Quickening being the absolutely perfect one for me at this time.

So what's happened... generally the following? I firstly contracted laryngitis, I am never ill & didn't feel ill I just couldn't talk for 5 days! I'm a big talker.. so I know I was being asked to listen. I did a lot of listening and meditating and just being - lovely.

Just at the time I bought the essence I quit a role I have been doing for 10 years, I stopped doing personal development for corporate and I am in the process of developing my own light work courses for the public arena.

I didn't realise at the time but I missed a menstrual period and have just had the most heavy, painful period I've had in years, it was like the early stages of childbirth and so heavy, very draining.

I had the suggestion / thought last night to change my name - I have been married for 6 years on Sept 11th but have never used my husbands surname, last night just, as I was dropping off to sleep, I had the message to change my name to that of my husband. It feels like a new identity for a new era, the past is behind me and I need a new identity for my new life?????

I'm also in the best shape I have been for a long time. My daughter is 2 and I have struggled to loose the weight mainly through a lack of discipline with food and exercise and somehow I have found the discipline and commitment to do it. I feel and look great.

So I think that's ALL!!

In love of life
A happy and very excited Anne-Marie

Dear David,

I experienced positive change within hours of starting your Essence Program. Since then, I have observed small miracles in both my personal and professional life. Everything seems clearer and I feel that I can finally let go of the limiting patterns in my life.

Many Thanks.


Hi David!!

I was reading in my paper since I started my first Essence Program in April 2004.
I remember that I was so afraid to talk to you...:) So it was a big step for me to ask for your help!! It‘s amazing what happened to me under this year.

My first really strong experience was that my anger disappeared. And that am I really grateful for. I was so angry on nothing and my older daughter wake up so much anger in me. And I don’t know why? So now we have a fantastic relation and I was so afraid that this should impact her in the future. I talk to her and tell her why I was so angry before. And it is so wonderful to see here grow!!

I can also see, that Alva, the little girl is moving forward. The nightmare are not so big anymore!! I can also feel that lots of fears are gone... I can not find them or remember them. And I do things I never should do before!!

Now I can really in first time in my life see myself successful and I want to use my own power. There are still steps to take forward, but it’s not so big for me now.

I will really from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU so much for your help. And I can just imagine what you had going thru to be what you are today. To have the experience to understand what we all are going thru in the process you are working with!!

Have a nice day, and also give my Love to Denise!

Love Linda

Dear David,

Thank you for being!

I knew the big change was coming - but, Phew! Now just to get on with the detail. Connect!

I am still integrating the change I had ordered - feels like I ordered a Raleigh Chopper (bicycle) and had a helicopter delivered - with no instructions - perfect, though challenging. Have had to stand on ego’s instep a few times.

The summer solstice seemed a perfect day to start eternity, (essence of eternity).

Love, light and laughter,


Dear Dave and Denise,

Took 3 drops of the essence!

Straight away, within five minutes, felt a warmth in my heart; excitement.

Feel I am coming home (spiritually). Connecting with God.

God bless you both.


Dearest Dave and Denise,

I have to say thanks to both of you for your dedicated help all throughout my pregnancy until the present day. It has made me feel like a totally different person. Almost like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.

Obviously, it can only be a good thing! It has been a long and very difficult journey and although I know I’m still not out of the woods yet, I am well on the way to recovery spiritually.

Thank you both for your unconditional support and kind words when I needed a friend.

Love, Light and Blessings to you both.

Tina W.

Dear Dave and Denise,

I had this ‘urge’ to write again, so I’m going with the flow. The tinctures have had a very dramatic result and have begun to change me beyond recognition, which I guess is a good thing, as I’m tired of being a door mat, scape-goat, black sheep and the likes.

The changes have met with a lot of opposition as for the first time in my life I’m making a stand. The latest tincture has helped open my heart chakra and allowed me to take a look inside. It was very painful and knocked me back, but the answers were very obvious once I faced the reality.

Kind regards,

Tina W.

A Direct Connection to the Wheel of Light

Hi Dave,

"On first being connected, the first few days I noticed that I was quite hot - this calmed down, or perhaps I just got used to it as I don't feel the cold as much now as I used to! I also noticed a significant enhancement of my clairvoyance and psychic ability. I found that nearly every time I spoke to someone I was given a message to weave into the conversation. This still happens, but seems more subtle - and doesn't always feel as if it comes from spirit.

I also find that memories of things that I thought I had dealt with years ago pop into my head and won't go away until I've processed them and released old anger, embarrassment or upset. Again, this happened quite frequently at the beginning, but happens less obviously and frequently now. Things that are coming out now are things which were buried very deep but obviously needed resurfacing.

More recently I've been questioning my many values, beliefs and principles and discarding those ones which no longer seem relevant or helpful. This can have a traumatic effect at times, but once worked through provides a new lease of freedom and life. Open up that closet and get those skeletons out!

Also, more recently, I've felt that the Wheel of Light Guides have been communicating with me directly - almost as if they're preparing me for the next step - which obviously they are. Initially they waited for me to talk to them, and now they initiate conversation when they feel it's appropriate.

All in all, a fantastic experience and one that I would highly recommend - a real self awareness experience and one of enhanced positive energy. One cannot help but be moved and supported throughout the process. "

In love and light,


Dear Dave,

Hope things are well with you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU, for your wonderful essences. They've really, really helped me, and they really, really work too!

I've been taking the 'Wheel of Light' POWER essence and I'm almostdown tothe last drop. Everything,the full description you mentioned on your website is 100%accurate. POWER has really opened my eyes,and the new connection to the guides is quite amazing. You've truly come up with something very special.

I've recommend your essences to a lot of light workers, healers and psychics who no longer get anything from the 'usual High-Street' remedies.

I know you're a busy man, so I won't keep you. I just wanted to know, if I should continue to take the POWER essence or whether I should go back to the Devic ones, particularly the psychic protection ones. Could you give me some advice on this please.

Again, THANK YOU Dave for creating such wonderful essences they are truly magical.


Dear David,

Thank you so much for all your help to date and also for your fabulous essences. I have not missed a single dosage.

The results are amazing - lots of new awareness and understanding and a clearing on a very deep level. Thanks a million times to you and to your very busy guides. I suppose that I will finish the programme around the last week in May. So that would be the ideal time for an appointment. I hope that you can advise me on a follow-on programme as I love these essences and would very much like to continue working with them.


The Wheel of Light Essences

This was some channelled information about The Wheel of Light Essences by Dumah, a great healer and shaman.

We think that these brief words are most important as they aptly describe the energies and consciousness which these essences contain.


11th May 2004
Whilst holding the Trinity Essences, Enlightenment, Awareness and Quickening…

“Blessed are the Peacemakers!
(For they shall be called the children of God)”

8th September 2004
Whilst holding the newly channelled Beacon of Light and Power essences.

The gift of the almighty creator transcends all levels.
The love in this healing energy,
Is the power within.

From the Son which is the sun of this universe,
Which gives light to all,
Be so energised, be so transformed.

This is light,
Total embodiment of light,
Transformation - True transformation.


Hi David,

I feel absolutely wonderful today, like the healing has intensified. I have been my old laughing, vibrant self all day. I had a direct message from the Guides as well last night and said a little thank you / blessing to them. A psychic friend of mine also saw all purple and violet light around me indicating healing - early days I know, but still can't quite believe the change in a week - couldn't get out of bed last week, and felt more than deathly and completely alien and disconnected prior to that.

Wonderful stuff!


This was a case of a Burst Aura which was repaired using an Emerald Heart Program

Imagine a dense heavy cloud around you, filled with layers of blockages and stagnant energies from lifetime experiences.

Then imagine the layers one by one being eased away gently leaving you lighter. Your energy-field cleaner and stronger.

Since October 2002, (it is now April 2004), the unique energies of every essence I have taken has gradually released my emotions of guilt, anger, hurt and pride. Stored within me like a bottle with a tight top. Healing, to enable me to move forward and learn.

A transformation has formed within. It is a feeling of much love and an ignited ‘inner’ flame seeking spiritual truth.

My heart chakra spins freely. Healing energy flows from my hands. Knowledge is received through my crown chakra. Intuition is becoming more enhanced. I feel the energies from my guides and others, knowing they help me so much in my transition.

How the essences work, I don’t understand. I just know they do.

Respect them. They are very special.

Much love,

Milton Keynes

Dear David,

Many thanks for the Program you gave me. As a working psychic medium, I am used to energies. On your Essence Program, after one week I began to wonder if my work room would be able to contain the energy. I certainly wondered what I was going to do, as they were so strong you cold almost touch them.

They have now, after six weeks, settled to a warm work level.

Thank you again for getting me back on track in all areas of my life.


Jenny C.

For those who read these words.

This Essence Program is not a superficial program to be undertaken if you do not want change to occur.

The process of moving my old, and oh-so-familiar stuck energy has not been either an easy or comfortable one at times. However, throughout the Essence Program, I had the support and encouragement of Dave with his centred and stable approach. I very quickly knew that Guides were always with me, urging me on. Above all, Dave carried out his service for the light with love and true compassion for my process.

For me, the channelled Essence Program has totally fulfilled its promise in both result and time scale.

I look forward to beginning my Evolution Program with the Devic Essences.

Love and Light,

Vivienne N.
St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

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