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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.

Unlocking Your Evolution

My unique gifts allow me to see into the subtle energy system on every level, and also beyond energy and into the consciousness which inhabits the human form. Over many years, I have been shown a range of scenarios by the Guiding Consciousness, which negatively impacts the functioning of the aura and chakras, thus depriving you of the best and highest functional vehicle for your journey into evolution. I have asked The Guides to explain this to you.

The Guides Speak

We might say that Dave’s apprenticeship with energy lasted many years, in order that he could learn everything there is to know, within reason, about how the subtle energy system, the chakras and the aura support the physical life and the journey of consciousness from one life to the next. During this time, we showed Dave everything he needed to know in order to understand the workings of the subtle energy system in detail, the repair of it where necessary, and most importantly, how to tune it up to its maximum effectiveness for the person’s well-being and evolutionary potential.

Fine-tuning the chakra system is the first key to the evolution of consciousness. In the early days of learning this work, we would guide Dave to see what was occurring within the system and then guide him in how to use his vibrational tools, such as crystals and essences, to bring about changes to the system. Thus, he learned how to analyse, manipulate and repair the energy system of humans. Today, we do that work for him. All he has to do is analyse and understand the condition, then we perform the work. Through dedication a person is taken through different levels of spiritual education, and when it is appropriate, the spiritual source will allow you to ascend to different levels. Through this process, you eventually reach a point where you can command the work to be done without doing it yourself, but not before you have learned your work inside out. This is the meaning of ‘Ask and You Shall Receive’.

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Preparation for Ascension

Taking a person through Spiritual Development involves moving through many phases. Initially, you are assessed for any situation which requires Rescue or Repair, then there is often a period of Balance. Then comes Awakening and Evolution. However, these situations can present themselves in any order and even change during an awakening phase.

  • Rescue
  • Repair
  • Balance
  • Awakening
  • Evolution

Many people on the planet are being awoken at this time because of the Ascension Process which Earth is transiting through. The Light of Aquarius is opening people and awakening them to change. We might say that this is a period of great chaos as the Light awakens some and challenges others. In this way the consciousness of humanity is being split into two camps and there are those who will respond to the challenge and those who will fall away into rigidity and fear. Those who rise to the challenge will evolve and the others will fall from the planet into a process of rebirth to try again. Long illnesses will become a thing of the past as many will leave the planet quickly, as time is of the essence during this phase of Ascension and beyond. When people choose the path of rigidity and fear, over the path of courage to awaken, they will create a situation which then removes them from earth.

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Inner Guidance for Evolution

As people awaken, so they will be guided from within themselves to seek answers to their life. They will not understand initially that it is really their evolution they are seeking answers to. However, it is not until a person is fully in balance can you begin to accelerate their vibrational rate and thus begin to prepare them so that the Universal or God-consciousness within themselves can respond and serve true Evolutionary shifts upon them.

Everyone is unique, but, in fact, there are many common factors that affect people in terms of how their lives are prevented from evolving. We have educated Dave in many of these and through this knowledge he has learned how to assess and deal with many situations which create rigidity and limitation within your consciousness. We have also taught him many techniques which can unlock the consciousness and thus allow the evolutionary process to occur.

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Facilitator of Evolution

What we might say is that Dave is a Facilitator of Evolution. He knows how to prepare your energy system through every stage and guide your life in the right direction by giving you the keys of knowledge needed to unlock what lies latent within you. It is not Dave that creates the evolutionary shifts, it is the Universe which responds to your correct preparation. When you follow his guidance and apply yourself to the task in hand, then the God-consciousness responds to your efforts and serves whatever is needed upon you in order that you might learn from what is being presented to you and thus ascend through your own efforts into higher light. As a facilitator, Dave brings light into your being and ensures the energy system functions to its maximum effect and then helps you to understand the lessons which the God-consciousness sends forth for you to learn. As you overcome your limitations, so you shift and evolve.

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Intent and Truth

We might say that Intent and the Truth in your Heart are the keys to your success. Dave can locate within your consciousness all the answers you need as you seek your spiritual path, but you will only ascend through pure Intent and courage to face your own Truth. Dave can help you every step of the way, whenever you need that help. The journey takes great determination as it is not only a journey, but a constantly changing way of life. However, when life is at its most challenging, that is when you will find that Dave’s skills and abilities will help you through the most difficult phases. Although it is you who must go through the process, you can rely on his guidance to help you find the way of taking the right action.

Guiding you is only one part of the process. Through the Essence Programs, Dave can command Light at such a level that you will receive it and transform with hardly any effort at times and at other times, this Light will literally turn you inside out as it opens you to your own Inner Truth. At such times, it may seem like many negative things are befalling you, but what we would say here is that there is no such thing as a negative experience. Everything is just a learning experience and when you know how to interpret these properly, so you learn how to grow and evolve.

We are in a time of great transition as we move through the Ascension period and into the Age of Aquarius. Dave has earned, through his dedication, the right to be able to help you attain Evolution of your Consciousness. Working with Dave is also working with us, his Higher Guidance, and in turn, we are also part of you and your Higher Guidance. At the level we function, we are all as one, we are part of the Universal Oneness of all Consciousness. Therefore, when you consult Dave, you are really consulting your own Higher Self through him. As we work together, we are working towards one goal which is towards unity of consciousness. Each step we take dissolves levels of conscious captivity revealing ever higher levels of freedom in life. It is hard to understand what this means until you experience a conscious shift.

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Experiential Processes

True evolution is earned and then served upon you as the result of your own efforts. Evolution is not learned through books, it is learned through experiences of working with energy and Light. You must live a pro-active life in-line with the Spiritual Laws. You must push the boundaries of your limitations constantly. With such determination and a good teacher, plus working with The Laws of Evolution, you will constantly transcend your spiritual position in this life, preparing yourself for further transformations at every stage of existence through eternity.

If you have the drive and determination, David can help you and guide you into True Evolution of your Consciousness. You will learn how to stand at a higher level. You will experience Light in a way you could not imagine.

One step at a time, with patience and understanding, observing and acting upon your own Truth, is how you walk the Spiritual Path - the Path of Life and Truth.

Blessings upon your journey.

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