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VISION - David Ashworth/Scorpio 851

VISION - David Ashworth/Scorpio 851

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As with much of David’s work, the content of VISION was given from The Source through an amazing insight.

It is a fantastic journey which explains God’s Vision for Humanity. It is not so much a book, more a transmitter of Spiritual Light. Everyone who reads it has a different and very personal experience. This is what one person said:

"This book is amazing. Not many words, but those that are there take you on an amazing inner journey. It is like someone looks into your soul from the pages and unlocks something that you can't understand as you read it.

You just end up having this inner knowing that something is unfolding both within you and upon Earth at this time and we don't fully understand what it is, but that we are a part of it. Each time you look into this book, it seems to look back at you in a different way - a guiding way - an illuminating way. It's not so much a book as a tool that allows you to feel God working within you, unlocking the deepest aspects of your being.

Don't be fooled - this is not a book like you have ever seen before. It is something that communicates with you like a living Being!

VISION takes you on a journey through Light which will help awaken you as you read it. Also, it will explain what is happening through this next period of time. It will tell you about the things which you are likely to experience and how you must change and adapt in order to continue becoming what you came here to become. If you are in this world at this time, you chose to be here. If you are working spiritually at this time, then you most certainly chose to awaken and transform.

The Calling
Not everyone evolves at the same time, we all evolve at different times. Some are way ahead, like the great teachers, others are still learning the fundamental lessons of being human. When it is your turn to evolve, you enter a phase known as The Calling. This is a process where you are literally called from the higher God-consciousness and this activates the God-consciousness within you. Once you have been called, that inner God will be trying to guide you constantly, every moment of your life, to find the things that will help you to evolve.

If you have been called to VISION, then it will help you.

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